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Alrem's Apostles

"This world was created by the sundered star.
Our twin stars gave birth to all creation.
It is our world. Rejoice in it."
Tarnok, Leader of Alrem's Apostles

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Mages, Historians
Number of Members 230
Demographics Human 70%, Elven 23%, Corvenian 7%

Primary Location(s)



Tarnok, human male sorcerer
Year Founded 890 CY
Symbol The sundered star.
Group Wealth Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Alrem’s Apostles are sometimes referred to as The Sunderers and the Children of Khoras. This small fanatical group worships Alrem’s "accomplishment", his life, his work and the catastrophe that resulted. They worship the Sundering and its effect on the world. There are over 200 apostles of Alrem. The vast majority of this group is centered in Carrikos, but some Apostles can be found in small numbers throughout the east.


This group is a direct outgrowth of the socio-political tapestry that makes up Carrikos. That magocratic nation has inherited much of the culture and arcane knowledge of what was once the Alliance. Having initiated the single most important historical event known to the world and greatly influenced the path of this nation, it was inevitable that a group would form based upon a near religious worship of Alrem. This group was founded by an eccentric historian named Tarnok Perran who idolized Alrem.

Goals and Motivation

Alrem's Apostles work to spread the teaching of their beliefs. The Apostles tend to be a spin on history which paints Alrem as the savior of the world that ushered in an era of enlightenment. They work closely with many wizards in Carrikos, especially in magic dealing with the Drellis Effect.

Allies and Enemies

Alrem's Apostles are generally on good terms with most groups and organizations in the nation of Carrikos including the government and church. They work with various mage groups on magical research and historical documentation. 

Due to their central beliefs, Alrem's Apostles are directly opposed to the Prophets of Drellikar. Indeed, these two groups have radically opposed ideologies and consider each other sworn enemies. 


To become a full member of this organization, only two things are required: 

  1. That the ideas and beliefs of this group be embraced and
  2. The memorization of History of the Sundering, a very long and elaborate poem consisting of 327 verses.

Oaths and Codes

The memorization of the History of the Sundering takes the place of any oath that the new apostle might have to recite. 

Rank Structure

No formal rank structure exists beyond seniority.




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