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The Seven Sabres


Type of Organization


Type of Members

Thieves, Assassins, Spies, Informants
Number of Members 842
Demographics Human 42%,  Magrakian 27%, Saridian 16%, Pugnar 5%, Hyttar 5%, Other 5%

 Primary Location(s)

The Aukarian Republic


Year Founded 2514 CY
Symbol Seven marks arranged in a configuration.
Group Wealth Above Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Ruled by seven master thieves, the Seven Sabres is the largest and most powerful thieves guild in the Aukarian Republic. Mostly specializes in stealing and fencing stolen goods. The Seven Sabres deal in various blackmarket goods, including rare treasures from distant lands and even the occasional artifact from the Desolation of Shidar. This guild also has network of informants, spies, fences and smugglers. It maintains and profits from several gambling halls throughout Aukaria.


Two centuries ago, there were seven underworld guilds that fought each other and made war on the roof tops of Brulan. This night time war finally ended when the seven guilds were united by one master thief named Mathias. Having lost his mentor to the bloodshed, he grew weary of thieves fighting against thieves. He envisioned a guild as organized as the authorities that tried to stop them. So was born the Seven Sabres. Over the years, the seven guilds have blended together into a completely unified whole. However, the concept of seven leaders who rule as a Council has survived.

Goals and Motivation

The primary function of the Seven Sabres is profiting from all covert and criminal activity in the capital city of Brulan. The Seven Sabres has lesser chapters of the main guild in the various towns throughout Aukaria. The Seven Sabres has a particularly interest in maintaining its position at the top of the food chain with regards to other criminal guilds and organizations. Thus far, the Seven Sabres has remained on the largest and most powerful.

Allies and Enemies

Besides magistrates, Warlords, House wardens and city wardens, the Seven Sabres in in competition with several other underworld groups. The Seven Sabres has no formal allies, but has had dealings with most groups ranging from Aukaria to Sarid.


The Seven Sabres employs a wide spectrum of members: rogues, road bandits, common street thugs, assassins, cat burglars, jewelers, fencers, informants, spies and crime lords all have their place in the tapestry of this large group. Their equipment, clothing, methods and motivations vary with each individual. Only the "Mark of the Seven" identifies them as a member. Each member will bear the Mark of the Seven somewhere upon their person. This may be a tattoo, a piece of jewelry, an embroidered standard on the inside label of a sleeve or anything else.

The Seven Sabres are intertwined with several powerful Houses within the Republic. Some Houses may provide funding. Others provide shelter, secret lairs and bases of operation, equipment and training.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The Guild is ruled by seven guild masters of equal status and influence. They collectively form a council that votes on all decision. The identity of these seven master thieves are known only to the highest ranking members of the Seven Sabres. It is likely that one or more of them hold influential positions in the tapestry of the Republic and the noble houses. Within the upper ranks of this organization, a formal hierarchy exists with specific titles and outlined duties. Peripheral members such as fences, informants and such filter into a pecking order.



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