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The Blood Tusks

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Bandits, Thieves, Brigands
Member of Members 382
Demographics Pugnar 25%, Hyttar 20%, Human 20%, Magrakian 12%, Sybrenar 8%, Vothen 6%, Other 4%

Primary Location(s)

Fyrren's Wandering


Year Founded 2652 CY
Symbol Two white tusks with red tips.
Group Wealth Poor
Group Stability Unstable

General Description

The Blood Tusks are the largest, wealthiest and most powerful bandit group in Fyrren's Wandering. With almost 400 members, they have proven to be a formidable force to be reckoned with and have held their ground in skirmishes with both Aukarian and Magrakarian military forces. They have successfully robbed caravans, kidnapped and ransomed officials and ransacked forts. They pillage and loot and then vanish to enjoy their ill gotten spoils. It is likely they have more than one hidden camp or lair somewhere deep in the Wandering. Their name is well known across much of Aggradar.


Fyrren’s Wandering has always been a place of bandits and smugglers. Bandit groups have been warring with each other in that dusty maze of canyons for as long as anyone can remember. It was inevitable that one of those groups would eventually rise to the top. The Blood Tusks began as a small group, led by a giant named Agof. Over the years, they have successfully wiped out other bandit groups, stolen their treasure, recruited the survivors and annexed their territory. In the last 15 years, the Blood Tusks have risen to be the dominant group in the region. When Agof was killed in battle three years ago, his chief lieutenant, a half breed called War Pig, took control of the group. 

Goals and Motivation

The Blood Tusks are a free spirited, but short sighted group, living only for the pleasures of each day. They care only for profit, blood and murder. If they have any long term goals, it is not known to the outside world. Aukarian and Magrakian spies have ascertained that the Blood Tusks are actively recruiting and arming themselves. There are some who fear that the Blood Tusks may one day have the strength to march out of the Wandering and lay siege to a major city or worse.

Allies and Enemies

The Bloodtusks have no allies. They are at odds with all other bandit groups in the Wandering. They are also hunted by the military of both Aukaria and Magrakor.


Mostly misfits from society. Runaways slaves, escaped prisoners, hunted criminals, ex-gladiators, renegade soldiers and so forth are the types who fill the ranks of the Blood Tusks, Anyone who can handle themselves in a fight or has a valuable skill can find a place among the ranks of the Bloodtusks.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The fact that this group has survived for more than 50 years indicates that they must have a firm and stable command structure. At the lower ranks, it is likely little more than a simple pecking order based on strength and fighting ability. At the top level, however, War Pig rules with a cadre of trusted lieutenants that help him keep the group in line.


Their leader, Warpig, is a gifted hybrid. He is half pugnar and half magrakian… the product of rape, most likely. He has bestial facial features, not quite dog or pig. He is a large humanoid with a pot belly and thick, meaty limbs. He has an unusual gift... he can move objects with his mind. He has developed this rudimentary telekinesis and has developed remarkable control. He can lift and hurl objects, manipulate locks and handles and deliver powerful telekinetic shoves and blows from a distance. He uses this ability in combat to great effect. He has toppled walls on opponents, wrapped them in chains and even deflected arrows. Though there are stronger and more violent members of the gang, his quasi-magical telekinesis ability is revered with awe by the group and this helps keep him in command. Besides his telekinetic ability, War Pig is a strong and powerful fighter with several enchanted weapons and armor. He is a formidable foe.


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