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The Varakai

Type of Organization

Military/Covert Operations

Type of Members

Military Officers, Guards, Soldiers, Spies, Informants, Field Agents
Member of Members 375
Demographics Human 35%, Dwarven 20%, Elven 15%, Grumman 10%, Avarian 5%, Other 15% 

Primary Location(s)

Primarily Normidia (but field agents can be found throughout the realms)


Lord Cellar Gedren
Year Founded 2713 CY
Symbol Iconic representation of an unblinking eye.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

Normidia maintains a well-trained and well-equipped intelligence and security bureau. This organization is known as the Varakai (pronounced Var-a-KYE). It is an ancient Irenni word which translates roughly as "seeing and unseen"). These men and women operate as spies and conduct a wide range of operations. They monitor criminal activities within Tykron, investigate mysteries and crimes and spy on organizations and governments throughout the realms. Agents of the Varakai often infiltrate organizations and foreign governments and send that information back to the headquarters of the Varakai in Tykron. However, Varakai agents do sometimes carry out special assignments such as a theft or assassination. On occasion, the Varakai works with the Wardens when their duties overlap, such as protecting the king or tracking down a fugitive.

The Varakai is led by a reclusive noble by the name of Cellar Gedren. He answers directly to the King.


This relatively young organization was formed in 2613 CY. It was formed to aid the King track political and military developments across Ithria. Although the organization has only been in existence for a century, it has already accomplished a great deal.

Goals and Motivation

The Varakai are chiefly concerned with protecting Normidian officials and interests. They are fanatically loyal to King Drachens and his personal security supercedes all other concerns. This group will go to great lengths to accomplish any assigned mission. Assassination, poison, intimidation and kidnapping are all acceptable tools.

Allies and Enemies

As a branch of the Normidian government, the Varakai are allied with and sometimes work in conjunction with the Normidia military and navy. Virtually any non-Normidian group is a potential threat and could be considered an enemy. Although the Varakai do not actively make war against anyone.


The Varakai employ both men and women and a variety of races. Joining this group is difficult and those who wish to join are tested extensively. Training is extensive. Some agents are magically altered to infiltrate another race. The Varakai are renowned for the ability to bypass security and get at protected information or individuals. They are extremely well trained at stealth, deception, slight of hand, bluffing, thinking on their feet, and, when necessary, combat. A typical Varakai agent speaks five languages.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

All members within the Varakai use a rank system which parallels that of the Normidian military. Officer, Captain, Commander, General.




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