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Tykron - Capital City of Normidia

"There is no sight so welcome as fair Tykron, as ye crest the last hill heading home after a good hunt."
- Mylo Venti, Hunt Master of House Greyland

Ruler His Most Lordly Majesty, Master of the Hunt, Terror of the Northern Realm, Crowned Head of Clan Drachensmire, Prince of Thieves, The Widower King, The Wayward Wanderer, The Grey Rogue, King Sendel Drachens II
Population 75,900
Demographics Human 60%, Dwarven 20%, Grum 10%, Elven 5%, Ogre 2%, Orc 2%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Tykrian/Tykrians
Languages Northern 75%, Dwarven 25%
Nationality Normidia
National Colors Green and black
Year Founded 598
Currency Northern
Natural Resources Forests, forest flora and fauna, maritime fauna and flora, apples, raspberries, cherries, onions, carrots, hops, spearmint, cherries, cattle, sheep, black mushrooms, wheat, hay, silver, iron ore
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Lumber, fruit (including apples, raspberries and cherries), apple beer, cheeses, salted beef, salted venison, Normidian Black Mead, pelts and furs, leather products, raw wool and woven woold products, carved ivory, torgat meat and torgat scales
Wealth Average
Government Type Monarchy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Arkalia, River Gate
Enemies Borrell
Walled No
Crime Level Average
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religions Erylon
Other Religions Kolo, Kael, The Three Fates, Daramis, Farzak, Semorjon, Barrinor, Sarreth, Glavyris, Imarus, Assytia
Climate Subpolar
Terrain Coastal forested hills

Tykron Town Center Tykron House

Typical Normidian architecture.


Tykron is the capital city of the kingdom of Normidia. Tykron is a beautiful city, with rugged snow capped mountains visible to the north and heavily forested hills nearby. The port looks out on a rugged green sea. The city experienced warm summers, but suffers long cold winters with heavy snowfall. Tykron is a racial melting pot. While it is primarily a city of northmen, it has a strong dwarven influence from a large dwarven population and counts many elves and grum among it's citizens as well. Hunting is very popular here and there are numerous hunting lodges and hunting groups. The citizens are known for being a hardy and stoic lot. However, they also enjoy the camraderie of their fellow citizens. The taverns here always filled with crowds and laughter.


For centuries after the Great War Normidia was little more than a collection of clans bound only by tradition and culture. These clans, while known for tenacious fighting and aggressiveness, managed to overcome internal conflicts and drew together over the years to survive the terrible struggles that mar history's pages.

In the common year 598, the Drachensmire Clan and Novakyr Clan came together in peace and formed an alliance. The clan leaders signed the Normidian Accord, a document that that outlined a basic governmental structure between the two. The other clans were invited to join and very quickly the other six clans also signed the Accord.With the unification of the clans, Normidia become a unified whole.

In 844 CY, Normidia was attacked by a great horde of humanoids, including orcs, ogres, goblins, saurians and evil men. They were led by a charismatic and powerful goblin chieftain named Agurad the Toothless who wielded powerful spells. Many towns and villages fell to the humanoids and Tykron itself came under siege in the autumn of 844 CY. Normidia came very close to being overrun. The siege of Tykron held for four months and was finally broken toward the end of the year in a terrible battle in which Agurad died. With his death, the horde fell apart and was routed at the Battle of Vidomosk Valley a few weeks later. Although it was a short lived war, this was but the first of several great conflicts that Normidia would fight with the humanoid clans throughout its long history. 

Having survived the great Horde of Agurad, Normidia swelled with national pride. Many years of prosperity followed. Despite centuries of growth and stability, the nation remained somewhat isolated from the rest of the world and outside the mainstream of political affairs. Normidia did, however, keep a watchful eye over the other nations with a well kept network of spies.

Normidia was brought to the attention of many nations when a young noblemen, Lord Sendel Drachens, a cousin to the then-ruling King, aided in the early months of the Second Demon War. With the later crowning of King Sendel, Normidia became much more involved with international politics. Overall, Normidia has had a long and stable history. Since the Second Demon War, Normidia has maintained strong ties with Kitar.

Under the rule of King Sendel, the city of Tykron has prospered with numerous constructions and repairs to public buildings. High quality cobble stone roads are found throughout the city. Statues have been erected, gardens planted and lanterns line most streets.


Like its nation, the city of Tykron is home to eight separate clans. Each clan is led by a male of the true bloodline of that clan. These eight clan leaders take turns ruling as king for an eight year period. The king is supplemented with counsel from the assembled clan leaders. Beneath the king is a feudal hierarchy of princes, clan chieftains, lords, thanes and freemen. This system has proven workable for Normidia for centuries. The government is physically housed in the House of the Clans in Tykron. The current king is Sendel Drachens II of Clan Drachensmire, a former thief who once traveled with an adventuring company known as the Travelers Elite, who fought with Kitar against Duthelm in the Second Demon War. Having historically formed from clans, the Normidians view their king as a clan chieftain, more out of kinship and tradition than law.

The Royal Campus

The Royal Campus is the name of the main grounds that house the military, noble, governmental and royal buildings. It also includes the roads, walls, walkways, statues and gardens between them. The Royal Campus coveres 32 acres and is surrounded by a 20 foot wall. The two main gates into and out of the campus are guarded by guard houses.

The House of the Clans - The House of the Clans is the common name of the main government buildings and royal palatial grounds. Within this large keep of wood and stone, the Council of the Eight Clans meets weekly and each council member has a private office. Six conference rooms and one large auditorium are found here.

The Royal Palace - The main residence of the King and his family, although King Sendel has no immediate family at this time. The royal family, select officers of the military, a staff of 30 and dozens of courtiers reside here as well. A small portion of the city guard is barracked here as well along with several Wardens.

The Sword Hall - The Sword Hall is the military and city militia headquarters. Seated next to the House of the Clans, it houses the military's ranking officers, barracks, supply halls, stables, the training academy and a hospital. Beneath this building is a small, high security prison operated by the military.  One section of the Sword Hall is reserved for the Wardens.

The Royal Crypt - The Royal Crypt is the official mausoleum in which all Normidian royalty is buried. Every king, queen, prince and princess of the last few centuries is buried here. It is housed in a separate building and the crypts are above ground in grand, ornate chambers of finely worked stone carvings.

The Royal Archives - The official national archive and museum.


Despite the King's past and rumored relationships with various underworld organizations, crime is low and Tykron is a surprisingly safe city considering its size. The laws here are fair and the magistrates are just. The King has strived to maintained good relations with all classes of the citizenry. Most of the nobles have followed his example. Laws are well established, taxes are fair and punishment is somewhat lenient.


The Sentinels

The city guard of Tykron is known as the "Sentinels". These men are easily distinguished by dark grey cloaks, high boots and open faced iron helms. They patrol the city in groups of three. Each carries a small horn and a pair of manacles. They wear scale mail and carry round wooden shields and heavy maces.

The Wardens

After the assassination of the queen, it was clear that the Sentinels were not enough to protect the royal family. King Sendel culled the ranks for the very best warriors and formed an elite group of bodyguards called the "Wardens". These men, currently 48 in number, wear dark gray  splint mail, billowing capes and fight with iron capped staves. Each is an expert healer and field surgeon. The capes are enchanted such that they will reflect most directional spells. The Wardens train constantly. Draping the enchanted cloak around their ward (king or other) is a common move for them. They are experts in all forms of poison (so as to better neutralize and defeat poisons used against their king). These men are fanatical and take great pride in the fear and respect they engender in the common citizenry. The Wardens are simply the best fighters that the Kingdom of Normidia has to offer. Most Wardens travel alone, although some travel with escorts or full entourages.

The Wardens answer directly to the King of Normidia. As such, they are often ordered, under royal decree, to perform special missions for the King. Usually such missions will involve guarding a noble or visiting dignitary. On occasion, a Warden will be tasked with tracking down a criminal. Wardens are renowned as relentless trackers, never failing to bring back their target. There is a popular saying that "wardens wear muddy boots". This refers to the stubborn tenacity with which they track their target through any terrain and through any weather.

The Wardens work with agents of the Varakai as their duties occasionally overlap.


The people of Tykron are generally not a religious people. The farmers, sailors, craftsmen and hunters of this realm mutter a prayer here and there to various deities, but piety is not of great importance here. Survival against the harsh winter, a good harvest, a plentiful catch, a fine product - these are the things that matter.

There is a shrine to Erylon located outside of Tykron where many hunters kneel in prayer and offer sacrifices before a long hunt. Kolo is also popular here, but has no shrine. His faithful "worship" at wrestling matches and such. A trio of priestesses of Assytia maintain a small garden shrine near the edge of the city where they cultivate flowers and herbs for sale. Other small shrines in the city are dedicated to Kael, The Three Fates, Daramis, Farzak, Semorjon, Barrinor, Sarreth, Glavyris and Imarus.


Tykron stands at the head of a thriving national economy. As a port city, a huge amount of commerce comes in by ship. Heavily laden cargo ships arrive daily from Arkalia, Corvenia, Vorrik, Carrikos and even distant Rukemia. Normidia imports stone, marble, gold, copper and certain foodstuffs from the rest of the continent. The chief exports of Normidia are lumber, fruit, cheese, salted meats, Normidia black mead, pelts, furs, leather goods and wool.

The Tykron Market

This market is held once each month in a vast open field next to the harbor, right on the coast of the sea. Crafts, foods, jewelry, pelts and more are laid out on 40 huge oaken tables which are always there.

Guilds and Organizations

The Varakai

The Varakai is the well-trained and well-equipped intelligence and security bureau of Normidia. The term "Varakai" is an ancient Irenni word which translates roughly as "seeing and unseen". These men and women operate as spies and conduct a wide range of operations. They monitor criminal activities within Tykron, investigate mysteries and crimes and spy on organizations and governments throughout the realms. Agents of the Varakai often infiltrate organizations and foreign governments and send that information back to the headquarters of the Varakai in Tykron. However, Varakai agents do sometimes carry out special assignments such as a theft or assassination. On occasion, the Varakai works with the Wardens when their duties overlap, such as protecting the king or tracking down a fugitive.

Brotherhood of the Hunt

A loose association of sports hunters, both noble and common. Although there are many small hunting clubs, this association is by far the largest with just over 4000 members. It arranges hunting expeditions, hunting contests and the like.

Hall of the Hunt

Tykron's Hall of the Hunt is a museum dedicated to the sport of hunting and the greatest prize animals claimed by Normidian hunters. Most of these fabulous animals were donated by famous hunters of the region. A number of live animals are kept here as well, including a living torgat, the pride of the Hall. Visiting dignitaries are taken here. It's open to the public although the admission fee is steep.

Adventurers' Guild

This large stone building is a government run establishment that serves as a central gathering place for mercenaries, conscripted soldiers, general laborers and anyone else looking for work of any kind. Jobs are posted here and there are many private conference rooms for meetings.

Important People

King Sendel Drachens II

King Sendel is a tall, thin man with dark curly hair, a ponytail and trimmed beard. He wears black clothing, silver ear rings and a shining rapier at his side. At times petty, at times generous, he is known for granting boons to the peasantry even while looking down upon them with smug disdain. Due to his years struggling among distant lands, he believes himself to be in touch with the commoners. However, to those that know him, it is clear that he merely romanticizes the life of the common man. Years of goose-down pillows and perfumed baths have softened his memories of cold gruel and hard-earned blisters. All in all, he is not an evil man and genuinely tries to rule with a just hand. The recent death of his queen due to the vengeance of an old enemy has earned him the title "The Widower King".

Lord Cellar Gedren, Leader of the Varakai

Lord Gedren is an older man with a bulbous nose, watery eyes, and a large belly. He is balding, but has thick tufts of grey hair that stick out to the sides and back. He has a long goatee braided in dwarven fashion which is adorned with silver and sapphire rings. Although his outfits change depending on the weather or event, he always wears a heavy wool overcoat which is quite decorative. Gedren has seen much of life and served Normidia in many capacities. In his youth, he was a warrior in the military and saw some action against orcish hordes of the DragonClaw mountains. Later in life, he was promoted to an officer and served some time aboard a Normidian ship. After this, he was recruited by the diplomatic branch and served his nation as an ambassador to Vorrik. (It was a high ranking Vorrikan noble who gave him his favorite coat).

Turgan the Bear Killer, Famous Hunter

Turgan is the most well known hunter in the northwest. A full blooded Normidian, Turgan learned the hunting life from his grandfather when he was a small boy and has been hunting ever since, acquiring more trophies than any hunter in the lands. He is an expert tracker and trapper and knows the plants and animals of the northwest better than any man. He is the only man ever to have hunted and killed a torgat by himself, but that isn’t the extent of his foolhardiness. He has traveled far to hunt more exotic beasts… stonebeaks of the south, krallinar from the Grandwood. He even once spent five months searching the Trackless Mire for a gumric. (Although he failed to find one, he did come back with a number of bandit scalps). These adventures, however, pale in comparison to what Turgan has planned. It is his dream to one day hunt a dragon. He has tried before, but never gotten close enough to battle one. He currently seeks funding from the Normidian nobles to go after one of the dragons whose lair is well known. To this end, Turgan hires himself out as a hunting guide (an expensive one) to help raise money. In general, Turgan doesn’t like cities and likes city people even less. Even so, he comes into the city on occasion to sell pelts or find someone who needs a guide.


Much like their stern and stoic brothers of Vorrik across the Captured Sea, the men of Normidia are a hardy breed of north men who have a great love of the mountains and forests of their home. Known for resoluteness, a stoic nature and simple tastes, they share many qualities with the dwarves. This is little wonder, since the dwarves make up almost a quarter of the population. Dwarven influence can be seen in the food, clothing, culture and architecture.

Normidians are a competitive people and enjoy many forms of sports, but they enjoy hunting above all else. However, no matter how great the hunt, the sweetest victory is returning with a trophy animal  and a story to go with it to tell over a flagon of ale. Hunting tales are an important thread in the tapestry of the city's history and current gossip.

Normidians are a social people who tend to congregate for any reason - festival, wrestling match, hunting contest, birthday party, etc. Strong drink and red meat accompany every event. During the long winters, the inns here are always fill with bustling crowds trying to keep out of the bitterly cold storm winds. During the winter, it is tradition that every inn, house, guild and shop will have a huge roaring fire and meat on the spit.

Tykron Summer Festival

Tykron Summer Festival is a five day event held in late summer. It includes a costume contest, a cheese tasting contest and a hunting contest in which hunters try to bring back big game animals to win prizes.  Often this festival is the time when groups of drunken hunters will wander into the forest to bring down a torgat.

City Districts

The city of Tykron is divided up into nine districts. Each clan rules one city district. The ninth district lies at the center of the city and houses the central government. All eight clans share the ninth district.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Spire of Tykron

The "Spire of Tykron" is the name of a large stone and timber monument near the center of town. This structure stands 18 meters tall and sits atop a ten foot stone pedestal. It is roughly obelisk shaped and has dozens of intertwining images carved upon its surface. Elk, bears, salmon, warriors, kings, chariots, ships, dragons and gods can be found sculpted into the dark grained wood.

The Twin Lords

Two statues of Clan Lords Horansi and Echarin, the two clan lords that came together in peace in 598 CY and signed the Normidian Accord. This monument is carved from a single massive forest lord tree that split vertically down its middle long ago. The two halves are shaped into the two men, taking advantage of the natural shape of the wood. The two men clasp right hands and hold a document together in the left.

Hunt Ground

Animal preserve and controlled hunting ground. Located outside of the city on 40 wooded acres. This ground is rented out to certain nobles who want to indulge in a good hunt. Many hunters scoff at the idea of a "controlled" hunt. No danger - no thrill.

The Labyrinth

A multi-tiered, ever shifting garden maze. Hundreds of seven foot tall hedges form an elaborate maze that covers 44 acres. Within the Labyrinth are numerous flower beds and small gardens, marble statues, ponds, open lawns, cobblestone walking paths, stone benches, fountains and a handful of small buildings. The Labyrinth is beautiful and serene. It was built centuries ago for the nobles to enjoy, but was later opened to the general public in 2345 CY. It has been expanded several times since its creation. A number of wild animals and exotic birds are kept here. The Labyrinth is maintained by a group of 17 city paid groundskeeper who also tend to the animals. Powerful spells allow the garden maze to be altered frequently.

Architecture and Infrastructure

Taking advantage of the plentiful forests and white lime stone deposits, Tykron has developed an easy-to-recognize architectural style. Most buildings in this fair city are white walled with exposed black oak beams. This construction technique involves grinding the white lime stone into a powder and creating a thick paste which is literally painted onto the outsides of the buildings to help keep warmth trapped within. The black oak beams are left exposed merely for aesthetics. Insulating the buildings against heat loss is important as this region receives a great deal of snow and the temperatures plummet in the winter months. Very few buildings are composed of stone as there is little good stone to quarry in the area.


The city of Tykron has a simple sewer system. Rain channels at the side of the streets are used for simple disposal from bed pans and such. Rain water washes the waste into grates and down to underground sewer tunnels. Very few buildings have latrines that connect directly to the sewer tunnels. These tunnels receive fresh water from cisterns which are flooded each day at high tide. The waste water is then channeled to cesspits outside of the city. The sewer system does not discharge into the river or sea. However, since the street channels rely on rain to wash them clean, the stench can become bothersome during the summer months during long periods with no rain. If the stench gets too bad, water from the river is sometimes hauled up with wagons and buckets to flush the street channels clear.

Street Lights

The city maintains a number of iron lanterns suspended from tall wooden posts. These are lit each night at dark by the city guards.


The King of Tykron is rumored to have been a former thief and spy, dabbling in covert activities in his younger days. This has had some influence on the nature of the underworld organizations in Tykron. There are even rumors that the King has made alliances and pacts with various rogue guilds. Whether this is true or not is a matter of some speculation and often debated in taverns over spiced ale.

What is known is that Tykron is somewhat lax in its laws against thieves and some guild masters have some weight with the officials of the city. The underworld is fragmented into several thieves guild. One rumor states that the King has made efforts to unify the various factions into a single organized guild that is easy to control. If that is true, he has been unsuccessful. Several criminal groups are known to operate in this city and compete with each other. No single group seems to have much power over the others and they generally work against each other. It is estimated that most of the groups have between 100 and 300 members.

Known Underworld Groups in the City of Tykron

  1. Grey Wolves
  2. The Hidden
  3. The Reapers
  4. Hounds of Chupa
  5. Nether League
  6. Court of Daggers
  7. Dogs of War
  8. The Covenant of Seven

Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor


Kieger's Brewery and Pub
Kieger Blackheart

Brewery/Pub - Kieger's Brewery and Pub is the best tavern in Tykron. Kieger's has excellent food and brews it's own Normidian Black Mead. Kieger's Black Mead is considered the finest of that particular drink and the defining brew of Normidia. The building itself is huge, built around a large circular central chamber with three levels of balconies. Bards play every night. It is very popular among citizens and foreigners, rich and poor. Kieger's does not have any rooms for rent. He closes at 2am each morning and reopens at 3pm.

Blazing Hearth Inn
Avren Morlay

Inn - In all respects, the Blazing Hearth Inn is a normal place: it serves good food, it has large clean rooms, and it has very reasonable prices. It is run by Avren Morlay and his family. It is built around a large central chamber with an enormous hearth and it serves a variety of Normidian cheeses. It is quite normal… except for one thing. It’s haunted. And not just by one ghost. It seems a veritable horde of nether beings have taken up residence here. All manner of spectacles have been witnessed. Plates will move, wine will drain out of glasses, inexplicable areas of the central chamber will be hot or cold, and occasionally a hazy apparition will be seen for a split second and then fade away. These apparitions have never harmed anyone and unusual events have become so commonplace that many people will stay at this inn hoping to catch a glimpse of something. Priests of several religions have stayed here, but have never been able to exorcise (or even locate) anything from the beyond the grave. Many guests have claimed to see "something" but the apparitions are difficult to make out and usually last only a short time. Avren Morlay, a simple man who only wants to run a good inn, is uncomfortable with the situation and will often try to shoo away an apparition while talking to an out-of-town guest. Many of the town’s folk have just accepted the haunting and will politely ignore any visions which appear. Guests that are new to town are sometimes warned that they may see something odd at this inn, but that they should nevertheless stay because of it’s clean rooms and affordable prices.

Black Eagle Tower Inn
Ganavut Mueller
Inn - A popular inn at the far north end of town. This business resides in a squat, square tower five stories tall and fashioned from black stone. It is run by  Ganavut Mueller, a balding mustached man, his wife Myra and daughter, Sula.
The Green Dragon Inn
Ingvar Arschaem
Tavern/Inn/Thieves Guild - This establishment is also a front for the Tykron Thieves Guild . It is two city blocks from the Last Call and is connected to the latter by a secret tunnel. The Green Dragon serves as an alternate entrance and exit to the subterranean chambers under the Last Call. This inn has 28 rooms for rent, three common rooms, a large central bar and four private meeting chambers in the back. The largest of these four has a secret entrance that leads to the tunnels below.

Shops and Guilds

Name and Owner


Hall of the Hunt
Gunther Klagen
Arena - This is a small combat arena in which battles between Normidian hunters and wild animals are played out in an almost ritualistic portrayal of hunting. Duels of honor between slighted noble lords occasionally will occur as well. It is usually every evening, but not every night promises a spectacular battle. This establishment usually attracts the wealthier citizens and gambling is encouraged. The Hall of the Hunt employs a staff of 20 (including four bouncers) and serves drinks and a few simple meals.
Tykron's Best
Thalaric Corbin
Smithy - Tykron’s Best is run by a self proclaimed "fire mage" who heats his forge with magic to get the very hottest flames possible. This large, powerfully built man has a shock of white hair down his back, slightly pointed ears and unusual eyes. Thalaric has some non-human blood in him, but exactly what is left up to the imagination. Thalaric’s hammer can be heard pounding late into the night, indeed he seems to do the majority of his work at night and sleeps late into the day. Despite this odd schedule, he manages to produce some excellent work. He has also forged some magnificent blades and imbued them with his fire magic. These rare prizes (about one each year) fetch fantastic prices. The current King is said to own two such blades. Thalaric has no family and lives alone. He has few friends, but is acquainted with many of Tykron’s citizenry. He has many regular customers who overlook his oddities. Thalaric is not a native of Normidia, but moved here from the distant south many years ago.
Dragon's Hoard
Storvik the Toothless

Trading Post - The Dragon's Hoard is a large trading post that sells just about everything (including Battle Spice, Blackfall and other black market commodities). It is run by a ex-hunter who likes to tell tales of past hunts (especially one particular hunt against a particularly crafty torgat). Storvik is, as his name implies, quite ugly. A toothless maw grins out from beneath a nose which has been broken too many times. One eye is massacred by a scar which runs the length of his face and he walks with a severe limp.

Torgat's Nest
Haldor the Grim

Gambling House - The Torgat's Nest is a popular gambling house and tavern. All manner of card games are played out here including Fate's Cards, a game very much like poker, except that the cards magically alter face value at random times during the game). Many citizens come here to socialize, discuss business agreements and arrange hunts. Haldor is an ex-hunter and is good friends with Storvik the Toothless. In fact, he can vouch for the story about the crafty torgat, he was on that hunt. Above the main bar is the skull of a Torgat, the biggest one ever seen according to Haldor and the very one that gave Storvik and Haldor such trouble.

Silver Fox Inn
Brothel - This small establishment does very good business. In addition to private rooms and the girls, it has a small kitchen and dining area. It employs 10 girls and is run by Jasora, a large woman and matron of the hall. This establishment does rent out rooms for the entire night, as does a regular inn, but the patron is expected to take a girl with it.
Last Call
Ully Bracker
Gambling House/Thieves Guild - This boisterous hall is filled nightly with the sounds of laughter, the clinking of mugs and the clatter of dice. All manner of games are played here. The music is particularly good here as the owner, Ully Bracker, is fond of paying a little extra to convince a visiting bard to play. All this is just a front, however, for the local thieves guild. Tykron's thieves guild, some 400 members strong, is headquartered here. The actual chambers of the thieves guild are located on two sub-levels beneath this establishment and contain over 30 separate rooms. Ully is not the guild master, but is a high ranking member in the guild and is the official "master chamberlain" of the guild.
Braying Mule
Jun Steffan
Stable House - Jun Steffan, a master horse wrangler and businessman, runs this specialty store. The Braying Mule sells all manner of steeds and animals. Horses, mules, donkeys, oxen, cattle and pigs can all be purchased here. Jun has a brother who runs a large ranch some 40 kilometers west of the city supplies the Braying Mule with its animals.
White Stag
Civen and Mier Vads
Tannery and Garment Shop - This large shop is run by a tall, gaunt man named Civen, his wife Mier and his two sister in laws. All three sisters are skilled seamstresses and Civen is a good tanner.
Hunters Hall
Minos Tol
Guild Hall - This is a small social club for hunters. Members meet here to swap hunt stories, arrange hunts, show off trophies and engage in non-lethal brawls and sporting event. Run by an ex-hunter who lost his leg during a torgat hunt and his son.
Blackwell's School of Spells
Belusar Blackwell
Wizard School - This small school in the city of Tykron is run by the Headmaster Belusar Blackwell, an accomplished wizard with many spells to his name. He oversees seven other lesser wizards who teach some 60 students the Art. Blackwell’s School of Spells draws students from all over Normidia and produces about a half dozen mages each year. In addition to basic magic spells, the school also teaches basic history, literature, reading, writing, mathematics, geography, heraldry and comparative religion. Blackwell believes in giving his students are well rounded education. He is a firm believer that mages should not be weak or ignorant in the world beyond their spellbook and so prepares his students for anything.
Claren's Bread and Biscuit Shoppe
Hargrave and Claren Uthelsin
Bakery - This bakery is run by a husband and wife team. Hargrave is a surly man who spends too much time at the local bar and not enough time helping around the bakery. His wife, Claren, is an enormously fat woman who keeps her blonde hair in a tight bun. She runs the bakery with the help of her three sons and two indentured servants. Claren dislikes Risa who runs another bakery in town because Risa is younger and prettier than her. Claren bakes bread, muffins and biscuits around the clock. She also takes care of the paperwork and such. She leaves the menial chores of cleaning to the servants. Claren is a wise and soft spoken woman, although she is a bit moody and temperamental at times, especially when dealing with her husband. This shoppe bakes several dozen loaves of Darkloaf each day and always sells out. Claren also has the recipe of dwarven bitterloaf and sells a number of these every day to local dwarves who prefer it.
The Cakery
Risa Hayden
Bakery - A very small bakery run by a young widow named Risa. She runs this small bakery herself with no help. As the name implies, Risa has a particular gift for cakes, cookies and other sweet confections. She purchases supplies from the Agrarian Shoppe down the road. She uses sugar (when she can get it) but this is expensive. More often, she sweetens her products with honey, which is plentiful in Normidia. She also makes jams and jellies for locally grown berries. Her cakes are wonderful.

Risa has a shoulder length reddish brown hair. Years of sampling her own treats has led her to put on some weight and she is no longer the slender girl she once was. Although she is no where near as fat as Claren from the Bread and Biscuit Shoppe.

She has a tattoo of a dagger flanked by the letters J. K. (the initials of her husband). Risa's husband, a soldier in the Normidian army, died six years ago fighting orcs in the Dragon Claw Mountains.  Because of that, she has a great dislike for orcs and ogres (including half breeds). She will refuse to serve any patron who is even part orcish or ogrish.

House of the
Red Feather

Grim Bill
Playhouse - A privately owned and operated theatre and playhouse. Run by a mixed grumman/human family.
Fading Blossom
Apothecary - The Fading Blossom is the best apothecary in the city of Tykron. It is run by Marela, a short and very fat aging woman with dull red hair and green eyes. She likely has some grumman blood in her and possibly a little elvish. Known as a shop where one can purchase the finest teas and tobaccos, the Fading Blossom is much more to those who know what to ask. In the back of the shop is a large green house where Marela grows a wide assortment of pungent herbs, exotic spices and fragrant blossoms. She mixes and brews various curatives, ointments, salves and balms, but is picky in who she will sell such things to. She knows a cure for almost every ailment and an antidoate for every poison. Whether or not she has poisons to sell is a matter of conjecture. She sells plants and seeds to those who show an interest in growing things. In this crumbling shop and aging green house, Marela lives alone with her cats and plants content to garden and not bother with the world too much.
Agrarian Guild and Supply Shop
Tallok Bren
Farmers Guild Hall - This is not a government establishment, but rather a private business run by one Tallok Bren, a tall and lean human with a thick mustache and mop of black hair. This establishment is a store, but also functions as a guild. Almost all of Tallok's customers are farmers who are also his guild members. Guild members pay dues, but get reduced prices on goods and services. This guild lends money to farmers, sells supplies, rents equipment, stables and shoes horses and generally providing whatever a farmer could need. Tallok services the free men of the kingdom who own their own farms. He believes that the land should belong to the people and not to barons who work their serfs to poverty and starvation. Because of this, independent land owners get price breaks while nobility with large tracts of land are charged more. This guild is a good social network for farmers, hunters and woodsmen and

Rumors, Gossip and Adventure Ideas

The King has forged an alliance with one of the larger thieves guild.

Several orcish clans in the Dragon Claw Mountains have united under a new leader and formed a massive horde. The King and his military advisors are arguning over whether or not to make a preemptive strike and send the army north to deal with this threat. Some think such an act would provoke raids along the northern villages.


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