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King Sendel Drachens

"A petty thief whose abilities are exceeded by beginners and who insists on returning to dangerous places only to add to his birth-given wealth."

- Lady Spaden of Cyrell, former adventurer and companion of Sendel

Age 41 Hair Style Short curly hair and beard. 
Race Human Hair Color Brown
Height 1.88 meters (6'2") Eye Color Brown
Weight 76.2 kilograms (168 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Black, tight-fitting clothing, short cloak, silver rapier.

Profession King of Normidia and Chieftain of Clan Drachens
Chief Location The capital city of Tykron
Affiliations Normidia government.
Languages Rukemian, Northern, Southern,  Corven, Vorrikan, Drakkelin and Irenni.
Skills Sword Combat, Stealth, Administration, Leadership, 


Sendel Drachens is the current King of Normidia. He hails from Clan Drachensmire and he is three years into his eight year term. Sendel Drachens has been most influential in shaping recent Normidian history and culture. Before assuming the throne, Prince Sendel traveled widely. 

Because he traveled so widely during his younger years, Sendel is now a worldly and experienced man. He has seen much of Ithria and is the wiser for it. He has a firm grasp on international politics and history. To aid him in tracking developments across Ithria, Sendel formed the Varakai upon his ascension to the throne. This group of spies maintains covert agents in other cities and nations around the continent. Their primary function is to monitor activity in these areas and report back to Normidia. On occasion, these "field agents" may also be called upon to perform special missions (smuggling, assassinations, protection of Normidian officials).


In his youth, Sendel's father sent him out into the world as an assistant to one of Normidia’s ambassadors. It was his father’s hope that he would learn patience and duty thus. However, Sendel quickly became bored in this role and struck off on his own with a band of adventurers. He made his living drifting from one profession to the next. Over the years he was a thief, a bounty hunter, a caravan guard, a dock hand and a gladiator.

During his adventures, he made plenty of enemies, but one in particular. It was a young thief who had the misfortune of attempting to rob the inn room in which Sendel was staying. This occurred in the city of Freeport. Sendel captured, robbed, humiliated and brutalized the young terrified thief. He then tossed the youngster out of the second story window of the inn and into the muddy street below. Naked. Still not satisfied, Sendel took one of the young thief’s lock pick tools, snapped it in half and then tossed it down to the thief. This young thief’s name was Bourg and he would never forgive the arrogant older Sendel.

While in Kitar, Sendel and his fellow adventurers were instrumental in the fight against Duthelm during the second Demon War. That act helped solidify relations between Normidia and Kitar which are now "sister" nations.

Shortly after the second Demon War, at the age of 35, Sendel received word that he was to return home. After an awkward reunion with his father and even more awkward re-integration into court life, Sendel settled into a live of nobility and culture. He married and wed a young noble woman. Eventually, the ruling clan stepped down from the throne and the Drachensmire Clan turned to Sendel to lead them. Sendel and his young queen enjoyed several years upon the throne until tragedy struck. Late one night, as his queen lounged on an open air balcony, a poisoned arrow struck her. She collapsed and died in his arms. Tied to the arrow was a broken lock pick. The killer was never captured but there is little doubt as to his identity. The King is now given to dark moods and keeps to himself more often than not.

Physical Appearance

King Sendel is a tall, thin man with dark curly hair and beard. He wears a silver ear ring in both ears. He is fond of black clothing and often wears matching black gloves, cloak and knee-high boots. He wears his long, dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wears a magnificent rapier with which he is quite skilled.

King Sendel wears the Crown of Normidia, a steel crown with silver inlay. It is decorated with eight cut emeralds, representing the eight clans.


Sendel is an intelligent and charismatic man who prefers to use coercion rather than brute force to get his point of view across. He is known for a deprecating gesture which he gives with an apology and a smile to cover a mistake or ignorance.

Notable Skills

Sendel has been an adventurous soul, traveling and adventuring from a very young age. From all of his journeys he has gathered a wealth of experience and skills. After retiring from his travels to rule Normidia, Sendel proved himself to be an apt leader with finely honed administrative and diplomatic skills. As a noble and the leader of his country, he is skilled in etiquette, oratory, military strategy and history. Despite his now polished exterior, Sendel is still a streetwise carouser and a scoundrel who loves a good card game. He can hold his own in a fight with a well placed thrown dagger.


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