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Tykron Summer Festival

The Tykron Summer Festival is a five day event held in late summer. The exact start and end times are dictated by the whim of the King. The festival is seen as a "gift" from the King to the citizenry of the city. As such, the city is decorated with banners, wreathes, lanterns with colored flame, brightly colored ribbons and statues woven from twigs and leaves... all of it paid for by the King.

The festival is a lively affair. During the day, there are costume contests, wine and cheese tastings, hunting events in which hunters try to bring back big game animals to win prizes and parades. At night, wild parties, dances and drinking contests occur.  Often this festival is the time when groups of drunken hunters will wander into the forest to bring down a torgat.

Three notable events that occur during this festival are the Sentinel's Archery Contest, the Port Side Ale Brewing Contest and the Hornwood District Cooking Contest.


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