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The World of Khoras is home to dozens of colorful festivals, faires and celebrations which are enjoyed throughout the lands, each with its own unique customs and traditions. The ways in which the peoples of the lands celebrate tell us a great deal about those cultures.

Below is listed the greatest celebrations of all the realms.

Festival Location Date Description
All Fools Festival Orrojek Spellsebb 10 The largest festival in Kalimura is an annual week long event with an anti-religious theme. Costumed revelers mock the spells and gods of other cultures.
Autumn Hunting Garrison Windrise 24 At the end of summer, the Garrison holds the Autumn Hunting Festival. Besides feasting and general celebration, a great hunting contest is held. Members go hunting in groups of 3 to 5 men. The largest animal brought back in 24 hours wins the contest.
Blood Feasting Coalition Magesway 20 Celebrates the unification of the seven organizations and the formation of the Coalition.
Ceremony of the Suns Cyrell, Ethara Landthrive 1 Magic is celebrated and the twin suns are worshiped.
Ceremony of Tears Urmordia Windrise 9 A symbolic reenactment of the War of Caverns and a time of mourning and remembrance.
Corvenian Festival of Light Corvenia Icebreak 7 A yearly festival held in Zesrun during which the greatest illusionists of the land gather to entertain the audience and compete for prizes and trophies.
Dance of the Suns Baen Magerule 4 The only significant cultural event of the Baenites, a specific festival held once each year that is held in all baenite villages.  During this event, baenites pay homage to their gods, the twin suns, and celebrate their magic.
Festival of the Burning Woods Aukaria Spellwane 11 Celebrates the overthrowing of the Sorcerer King. Celebrated most in town of Calannon closest to the Marshes. Involves mask wearing, dressing in costumes, historical reenactments, feasting, singing, games and speeches.
Festival of Light Urmordia, Ulkran Spellfade 2 A dwarven celebration of their culture and history.
Festival of Masks Ithell Landthrive 11 A huge, city wide masquerade.
Festival of Spells Arcanum Icebreak 18 A grand festival that celebrates magic and those who practice it. It has subtle religious undertones and is conducted by the Church.
Festival of the Coin Drakkell Windrise 1 The greatest festival in Drakkell wherein a rich man and a poor man exchange their wealth.
Festival of Trees Cyrell Magerule 18 A yearly summer festival of crafts, arts, dancing, drum circles, body painting, puppetry and story telling.
Finding Festival Kitar Spellwane 14 Kitar's largest festival which celebrates the finding of the King's Artifacts
Ithellian Day of Founding Ithell Windrise 16 Held in autumn, this festival celebrates  time when scholars will give speeches, plays are performed, artists gather in impromptu musical celebrations, large picnics are arranged and elven aurells are sung.
Jhakora Saurian lands Autumn, varies This annual event is a cultural celebration of battle, brotherhood and survival. Includes many forms of martial competition.
King's Fair Strathon Windrise 20 A large annual four day faire featuring jousting, archery competitions and other events.
Reclamation Festival Urmordia Magesway 26 An annual dwarven celebration held in honor of the recapture of the great underkingdom of Urmordia.
Reaping Festival Coalition Spellebb 27 An end of season festival that celebrates the harvest and involves feasting, drinking and gifts.
Sea Festival Freeport Magesway 14 An annual festival held by the mariners of Freeport that celebrates the sea and their ships.
Seasonal Nature Festivals Varied Lands Varies Almost all cultures have seasonal festivals - spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice. Although there are minor variations, these festivals are remarkably similar throughout the world.
Smelting Day Uthran Chilldeath 23 A dwarven holiday that honors blacksmiths. Metalworking and other crafts are celebrated.
Sojourn's End Aerith Magesway 7 Celebrates the historical sojourn that founded the nation of Vorrik.
Sundering Festival Worldwide Landthrive 6 Celebrates the Sundering of the Star, the beginning of the World Storm and the birth of the new world. Not really a celebration. More a day of rememberance and thanking the Gods that it hasn't happened again.
Tykron Summer Festival Tykron Late Summer A large festival celebrates in the City of Tykron in late summer.
Upine-Kar Eshtari Icebreak 5 A celebration of the upine tree and its great cultural importance.
Verral Talis Landthrive 18 Once each year there is a large gathering held in which many tribes gather. This gathering, called Verral, is held by a different house each year.
War Night Duthelm Hearthseek 15 A night of debauchery and mock battles. Executions. Celebrates the day that Duthelm fell to the ogre horde.
Woodland Festival Kitar Forestblush 12 The largest festival in Kitar. Very popular with the commoners. Held in the woods just outside of the capital city of Myranor.


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