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Freeport - Capital City of Mercia

"With a booming economy and a heritage as enduring as the sea, our fair Freeport continues to be the Empire's most vibrant city and the envy of our brothers to the North."
-  Dar Engrasian, Royal Tax Collector

Freeport Harbor

Ruler His Most Noble Majesty, Master of the Sapphire Main, Scourge of Piracy on the High Seas, King Alfred II, the Wise
Population 47,200
Demographics Human 64%, Grum 14%, Saurian 10%, Ogre 6%, Elven 3%, Orc 2%, Baenite 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Freeport/Freeporters
Languages Southern 50%, Rukemian 50%
Nationality Mercia
National Colors Blue and grey
Year Founded 184
Currency Rukemian
Natural Resources Forests, corn, rice, maritime fauna and flora, oranges, bananas, apricots, bloodroot, podmoss, sunfish
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Lumber (especially Mercian Red Oak), ships, boats, wide variety of fish and seafood, stormdraught (drink)
Wealth Above Average
Government Type Aristocracy
Government Stability Stable
Allies Rukemia, Ormek, War Vale
Enemies Coalition
Walled Yes
Crime Level Moderate
Technology Level Dark Ages
Primary Religion Semorjon
Other Religion Imarus, Barrinor, Vorkayne, Sarreth, Kael, Glavyris, Daramis, The Three Fates, Drenmoragin, Assytia
Climate Semi-tropical
Terrain Coastal forest


Freeport is the capital city of Mercia and the busiest seaport on the south coast of Ithria. It is home to a powerful naval fleet and Mercian ships are a major power on the Wild Sea and Sapphire Main. Freeport is a major fishing and ship building center. It has more ships, docks and naval traffic than any other seaport city. Most taverns and inns are within sight of the docks, as are the market squares and guild houses. Freeport is called the "City of the Sea" and that nickname is appropriate on many levels. Freeport is dependent, culturally and financially, upon its harbor.


Mercia has remained relatively unchanged by history and untouched by the ravages of war. It is a peaceful nation that coalesced from many fishing villages that survived the Great War. Mercia's first king, Frederick Mercan I, was named from the nobles in the summer of 184. The stability of this country is evident in the fact that it has been ruled by a single line through out its entire history. Mercia began as a very small kingdom (which probably helped it survive the Great War). During the Age of Sorrow it slowly expanded and strengthened its naval forces. In the year of 1352 during the Age of Rebirth, Mercia officially united with the Rukemian Empire and became a subordinate kingdom. This was a controversial decision at the time, but the current King, Alexander Mercan IV, saw the economic and military benefits of allying with such a powerful nation. Mercia was having financial difficulties and was losing the war against pirates. Several nobles were eyeing the throne and Alexander felt that a political coup was not far off. His decision saved Mercia and with Imperial help, piracy was brought under control. The nobles backed down and Alexander held on to the throne. Since then, the Empire has extracted a heavy toll with Imperial taxes and certain modifications to Mercian law. 


Mercia is a standard monarchy. However, it is a subordinate kingdom to the Empire. Mercia walks a fine line between being an ally with Rukemia and little more than a province. The Empire taxes Mercia and demands the application of certain Imperial laws. King Alfred II is an experienced sea captain and a valiant man-at-arms. His shrewd politics and cunning have recently helped his small kingdom develop a stronger economic foundation and a superior naval force. This has gained it much Imperial favor. Mercia now builds all Imperial ships.

There exists a definite "class" system in Mercia. The vast majority of the citizens of Mercia are simple farmers, fishermen and woodsmen who are quite poor and taxed heavily. The royalty and nobility of Mercia own all the land and rent it to the laborers. Most of the wealthy familiers live along the coast and many own their own private islands. The commoners work the docks and live in the city.

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a traditional castle with four outer towers and a large central keep. It is surrounded by a moat which links to the waters of the harbor. The royal palace is flanked on both sides by formal gardens. The palace houses the royal family, the King's advisors, diplomats, various courtiers and the King's guards.

Imperial Embassy

Lord Joran ver Tagoth IV is the official imperial ambassador to King Alfred II. He commands much respect in Mercia as he has frequent audiences with the King and answers directly to the Lord Chancellor in Aridorn. Lord Tagoth resides within the walls of the Imperial Embassy, which is a small, but fabulously luxurious castle situated very near the King's castle.



Despite its divided class system and ueven distribution of wealth, Freeport has a very fair legal system. Compared to many other cities, laws here are lenient and punishments are soft. To supplement the high taxes, most criminal punishment takes the form of large fines. In Freeport, a criminal faces a judge who listens to evidence and witnesses and then passes judgement. In addition to fines, seizure of property  and indentured service to the crown are common sentences. Only the worst crimes: treachery to the crown, breaking an Imperial law, murder of a nobleman and such would warrant harsh punishement.


The City Guard of Freeport consists of two separate forces: the City Guard and the Harbor Guard.

The City Guard is the formal name of the city militia. It is a force of 2,500 equipped with chainmail, shields and broad swords. This force patrols the city streets in groups of three. They typically break up tavern brawls near the docks where rowdy sailors in port are expending pent up energy. This force escorts city nobles, provides security at social functions, guards the King and generally keeps the peace. The Land Guard reports to General Tomas Harn at the City Militia Hall.

City Militia Hall

General Tomas Harn is the supreme commander of the Mercian ground forces. This includes the guards that walk the city (formerly known as the Land Guard) as well as the militia that patrols the country side. Mercia is known for its navy and the much smaller militia, always in the shadow of the fleet, strives for respect and members. Anyone with fighting skill is welcome to join the Mercian militia. The militia hall serves as the training academy and administrative center for the militia.

The Harbor Guard is charged with maintaining peace in the harbor. Its functions including inspections of ships and cargos, providing security at the docks and warehouses, providing escorts for ships and enforcing the king's laws on the water. The Harbor Guard maintains several dozen small, fast longboats (called Port Defenders) which each carry eight rowers and four archers and patrol the harbor.  The Harbor Guard report directly to the Harbor Master. The guard members who man the Port Defender boats are known as the Keel Guard.

Hall of the Mercian Navy

Mercia's navy is led by Fleet Master John Eduard Stivon II. The Stivon family has a tradition of producing officers for the Mercian navy. Master Stivon is the current lord and master of the Mercian naval fleet. He is good friends with the Harbor Master, Lord Dunne, and the two rule the southern waters of the Sapphire Main with little opposition. Master Stivon commands no ship of his own, but will occassionally sail on the Pride of Mercia and other warships.



Freeport has one large church and several shrines to the sea god, Semorjon. The city also has shrines to Imarus, Barrinor, Vorkayne, Sarreth, Kael, Glavyris, Daramis, The Three Fates, Drenmoragin and Assytia.


The port of Freeport is extremely active. Dozens of ships dock and set sail everyday. Cargos are constantly being shuffled back and forth between land and ship. The taverns are constantly abuzz with the raucous laughter of the most recent crew to arrive. The markets are always filled with trinkets from far away lands. Because of its thriving port, Freeport has an active and robust economy.

The Market Square

Freeport has several small market squares. The main market square is beside the harbor.


Guilds and Organizations

Harbor Master Keep

Harbor Master Keep is five story keep of stone and timber perched atop a rocky island in the center of the harbor. From this central command, the Harbor Master and the network of city employees under his command tend to the endless daily tasks of running the harbor. The Harbor Master and his wife, Lord and Lady Keldryn, live at this keep along with several servants, key officers and guards. The keep has living quarters, offices, conference rooms, guard barracks, a wine cellar and its own dock, library and small 3-cell prison. The keep has a single great tower which houses a bellfry and a signal fire. The bell tolls every hour from dawn until midnight and can be heard throughout the harbor. The signal fire indicates the position of the island at the center of the harbor to help ships navigate.

City Mint

The Freeport City Mint is the only official mint throughout Mercia. This small stone building mints imperial coins for Mercia - the drokmire, the genai and the dren. These coins are of exceptional make and vary little in quality and weight. As well as the production of coins, the city mint houses treasure for the wealthy (for a price) and also buys and sells gems and jewelry. This establishment is run by Lord Avakrin Tarros.

The Degari Ship Yards

The Degari shipyards are the largest and best known shipyards in Mercia and are responsible for Mercia's naval superiority. The finest ships are built here. Sailors and captains will often proudly proclaim that their ship is a true Degarian ship. The Degari ship yards (named after its founder) is currently owned by House Tenney (one of the ruling guilds of the Drakkellian Alliance) and is operated by Mallavar, a short, grey haired man who is a Freeport native.

The Pride of Mercia

The flagship of the Mercian fleet is aptly named the "Pride of Mercia". Whenever this ship is in port (for supplies, repairs or shore leave), the ship itself attracts both locals and travelers who board her to admire her lines.

The Freeport Conclave of Wizardry

The Conclave of Wizardy in Freeport is a small organization which serves as both a wizard's guild and a small magic school. It has 27 members who meet in a large estate in the High District. Several of the members live at the estate full time. Members include young wizards in training, apprentices just starting out and two nobles who dabble in magic as a hobby. There are only a handful of spellcasters of any appreciable talent. The guild estate has a small library, a fine laboratory and an herb garden. Compared to other guilds, the Conclave is somewhat informal. There are no formal classes, but members pool magical knowledge and resources casually to help each other. There are no formal ranks or titles, merely regulars and some who come and go. Notable members include Janog (proprietor of Janog's Tower) and Kaluron (the King's personal arcane advisor).

The King's Academy

Lord Strom Hammel is the master of the King's Academy, a prestigious center of higher learning. The wealthy and social elite of Freeport send their children to this school to learn reading, writing, heraldry, metaphysics, literature. It is tradition that the royal family always be schooled here, hence the name. Tuition at the academy is very expensive - typically 1,000 gold pieces per year.

The Agrarian Hall

The Agrarian Hall is the guildhouse of all Mercian farmers. This hall serves as a place of social gathering, a store house for grain, a shoppe for farming tools and more. Run by a man named Gathos.

The Mariners' Guild

The Brotherhood of Mariners is a large guild of sailors, fishermen, shipbuilders and all others who make their living by the sea. This is one of the oldest organizations on the eastern coast. The Freeport guild has a grand tradition and is over eight hundred members strong. Resources are abundant, although dues are expensive. (5 silver genai each month for full membership). Benefits of being a member include: access to and better prices on ship building materials, discounts on supplies and nautical equipment, and the means to keep abreast of the latest news and gossip about the harbor. Also, the Brotherhood has contracts with the Harbor Master and the various dock companies which gives members first priority on the docks, free storage of cargo in the warehouses and other matters. Guild master is a retired sea captain named Kaellim Deizo.

The Shipbuilders' Guild

Guild for ship builders. At five hundred members and climbing, this powerful guild helps organize the teams that build the warships for the Rukemian Empire. All builders even remotely associated with the military are encouraged, even pressured to join the guild. Karlet is the guild master here.

The Slave Lords

The Slave Lords are an independent guild of slavers who maintain a network of guild houses throughout the eastern kingdoms and also have a few waystations along the southern coast. They capture "primitives" from the west and transport them to the eastern empire (usually by ship). The Slave Lords have a rigid hierarchical rank structure and are easily identified by the black outfits and colored sashes (each color signifies a different rank). The Slave Lords maintain a small guild house in the city of Freeport.

Important People of Freeport

King Alfred II, the Wise

Perhaps to help alleviate the rigid social stratification of Freeport, King Alfred is known to associate with the common man more than would be expected from one of his position. The annual ceremony at the Rusting Anchor tavern is one such event where the King himself mingles with the commoners. This causes no end of worry for the King’s personal bodyguards. The king himself is a handsome man with a mass of curly golden hair and bright green eyes. Middle age is catching up with him in the form of a large belly though.

Queen Althea

A handsome and headstrong woman, Queen Althea has been absent from the public’s eye of late. Although it is not widely known, she is battling an ailment that drains her strength. The King does not wish this to be made public. Her Majesty took ill some time ago and her condition grows steadily worse. The King’s most trusted physicians and healers have been unable to help her. It is suspected that she is the victim of a poisoning – most likely from a Coalition assassin. Were she to die and it was proven to be a result of a Coalition poison, the King would most likely launch a full scale war against the Coalition.

Ambassador Joran ver Tagoth IV

An arrogant man who is rude to everyone, even the king. Smug in his position, he is a constant source of aggravation for the nobles and officials of Freeport. He is a necessary evil though and must be endured. Ambassador Tagoth uses his position to get what he wants – the best seats at plays, invitations to the best parties, etc. even though many people don’t want to have to deal with him. He is wholly unpleasant. Tagoth is aware that he is disliked and this makes him all the more belligerent.

John Eduard Stivan II, Fleet Commander and Flagship Captain

A gentlemen and an officer. He is a shining example of honor and civility on the open sea. He instills these qualities into the officers that serve him and he, in a way, leads the navy by example. He has been charged with cutting down on piracy on the Sapphire Main and he also plans on cutting down on the common riff-raff, brigands, cutthroats and worse that the Freeport harbor district is known for.

Harbor Master, Lord Laythan Keldryn

The Harbor Master, Laythan Keldryn, is a very well known man in the city. He is the lord and master of the Harbor and all things in it. The position of Harbor Master is itself a noble rank and Lord Keldryn is one of the more powerful nobles in the city. The King gives Master Dunne freedom to run the harbor as he sees fit. Through an elaborate network of dock masters, master inspectors, dockhands, harbor guards, Port Defenders and more, every ship, sailor and crate of cargo that enters or leaves the harbor is inspected and accounted for. All who enter here must obey the rules of the Harbor Master or else set sail for other ports. Lord Keldryn is concerned mainly with security of his harbor. Although good friends with Stivan, he feels that it is his place to clean up the docks of  the unsavory characters. Lord Keldryn is an impressive physical specimen. Well over six feet tall with an equally impressive girth, he waddles about in outfits that flaunt his wealth. His curly grey hair is often covered by a fur cap. He walks with a tall hooked staff of silver and wood, inlaid with precious stones… the Harbor Staff, the symbol of his office.

Lady Keldryn

Lady Keldryn is the wife of Lord Keldryn, the Harbor Master. She is herself a very well known figure in the city of Freeport. She is an immensely obese woman who delights in colors. She dresses colorfully, adorns in face in bright powders and pastes and is an avid art collector. Lady Keldryn is madly in love with Callister Draabyn, a mercenary captain who makes port in Freeport, and hopes to run away with him one day. She has, on occasion, used her influence to aid him.

Dar Engrasian, Royal Tax Collector

A tall thin man with dark brown hair, side burns, a goatee and coal black eyes. He sports a short ponytail which he fancies very stylish. Dar Engrasian is obsessed with neatness, cleanliness and organization. This particular need permeates every facet of his life – from his clothing to the manner in which he conducts his business. It serves him well as he has never missed a single copper due the King, so he claims. Those he taxes believe it. Dar is a skilled swordsman (although a bit too concerned with form and style than with actually winning a sword fight). In general, Dar is not cruel, but he is a bit of an elitist and judges people by their wealth, the only facet of a person that he truly understands.

Master Kaluron

The King's Mage, personal advisor to the King on all magical matters. He is a portly man with snow white hair, a clean shaven face and a ruddy complexion. He likes to dress in blue and black robes and tends to wear jewelry and perfume (too much of both). He is an avid drinker of wine and a collector of rare vintages. He walks with an ornate elm stave tipped by a copper sphere. What enchantments this staff may be ensorcelled with are unknown. Kaluron is the most powerful wizard in Freeport (and probably all of Mercia). He is a founding member and leader of the Freeport Conclave of Wizardry. An expert on a broad range of arcane subjects, his personal specialty is the field of cosmology, particularly teleportation and related dimensional spell effects.

Mallavar of Degari Shipyards

A short, wiry older man with a thick grey hair and a trimmed beard. Mallavar has a loud voice for such a little man and an explosive temper. While he demands perfection from his workers, he also rewards them well.


An orcish witch of ill repute that lives in Undercity. Avoided by most people and she seems content to be left alone. She crafts and sells magic for those who can afford it, but few seek her services except for thieves and other outlaws.


A saurian thief and swindler who specializes in the gathering and sale of covert information. He knows everyone in the city of Freeport, has connections to almost every group and has an uncanny ability to know ever plot happening in the city.

Sir Traevin Skelth

A historian, scholar and sage who specializes in the history of the Traxx Legion. He is an expert on Traxxian ruins and the Traxxian language. He is a Knight Commander in service to the King of Mercia and a personal advisor to the king on many historical matters.



Naval trade is the lifeblood of Freeport. Ships, sailors and cargos are continually coursing through this active, bustling city. When the work day is done, however, the taverns fill with dockhands, mariners and colorful locals. Something is always going on in this city and any typical evening will echo with the sounds of rowdy taverns and drunken parties. Freeport is a friendly community with a definite sense of itself. Freeport has the sea, the surf, the salty air, the freshest fish and the thickest chowder. As the citizens often ask each other – What else more could you ask of life?

Stormdraught is a popular drink in Freeport. This rare and complex blend of distilled spirits is accentuated with seventeeen different spices and aged in oaken casks for smoothness. Originally used for its medicinal properties, it is a favored companion to mariners on long voyages. Stormdraught is strongly associated with Freeport and mariners.

A few times a year, the city unites in celebration.

The Sea Festival

By far, the largest celebration in the city of Freeport is the Sea Festival. This week long festival, held during the early spring, involves a mock wedding ceremony in which the Harbor Master marries the sea and an elaborate custom of giving one's ship to the sea in effigy to appease its hunger. 

The Port Ball

The Port Ball is the premiere social event of the year for many Mercian nobles. Held at the royal castle, the Port Ball is a very exclusive affair that only nobles can attend. The Port Ball is a royal function and is presided over by the Queen. Invitations are sent out on elaborately embossed and stamped gold plaques with the name of the attendee. All manner of social and political maneuvering precedes the event as nobles jockey to get on the invitation list. The event itself is both a costume party and a dance. Everyone attends wearing decorative masks and ladies show off their newest gowns and jewelry. The Port Ball is held in autumn, before the weather turns cold. It has become a tradition for the commoners to hold a variety of feasts and dances on the same night as the Port Ball.

The City Districts

The heart and soul of the Freeport is undoubtedly its great and magnificent harbor. This enormous crescent shaped harbor curves inland toward the city. Because of the sloping hills that rise to the east and west, most of the city has a spectacular view of the ships coming and going. The various districts of the city surround the harbor. At the center of the harbor is the island of the Harbor Master's Keep.

The King's Hill

This King’s Hill is a large 200 foot hill visible from many parts of the city. It is, by far, the wealthiest section of town. The Royal Palace is perched at the summit of the hill and, scattered upon the slopes, are the mansions and houses of the nobles. One’s position on the hill is dictated by one’s rank.

High District

The High District is a swath of the east hill that rises up from the harbo surrounds the King’s Hill. The High District is home to minor nobles, the wealthiest merchants, magistrates, priests, the university, the wizard’s guild and a few guild houses. Most of the temples in the city can be found in the High District. It is also notable for several beautiful parks.

Market District

The Market District houses the main market square. It is home to dozens of merchants, guild houses, taverns and shops.

The Commons

The largest section of the city is the Commons and dominates the north end of town. A sizeable portion of the population calls this district home. Most of the buildings here are private homes and apartment buildings. The Commons also contains the Great Harbor Beach which is the site of several of the city's most important cultural events including the Wedding of the Mistress Sea and the Offering.


Fishertown is a large, poor section of the city. Named after the hundreds of fishermen here. It is also home to dock workers, common laborers, gamblers, prostitutes, thieves and smugglers.

The Harbor District

The Harbor District is home to the Hall of the Mercian Navy, the Degari Shipyards, the dry docks, dozens of huge cargo warehouses and various ship repair facilities. Those who live here are mostly poor dock workers and common laborers. Because of the relatively low population of this district and abundance of dark alleys, empty warehouses and hiding places, this district has a high level of criminal activity.


Nestled between Fishertown and the Warehouse District is a tiny section of town that is on a lower level. It is the smallest neighborhood in the city. It lies on several streets below normal street level. Several sections of Undercity run underbridges, through tunnels and under other buildings. It is the poorest and the most dangerous section of town. The most infamous inhabitant of Undercity is the orcish witch, Gorrosha.

Outer City

The outer city is the most inland section of Freeport. It includes the farms, fields, orchards and vineyards that lie just outside the city wall. A few tents and makeshift shelters have sprung up along the roads and near the gates, but too few to constitute a city section.

Monuments and Public Spaces

The Ship Graveyard

There is a cemetary in Freeport, right on the harbor. It consists of 71 stone monuments in a large field of grass. Each monument is dedicated to a ship lost at sea and bears the name of the sailors that were lost. Several of these monuments have a piece of their respective ship incorporated into the design.

Architecture and Infrastructure




Inns and Taverns

Name and Proprietor Description
Ale Drowned Mariner
Tavern - This large tavern is built around a central pit which is used as an arena. Every night, warriors brawl and swordsmen duel to entertain the taverns crowds. This tavern charges one silver piece for entrance and once inside there is a two drink minimum. Heavily armed and armored enforcers keep the crowd under control and make sure none of the taverns laws are broken. Vormathir, the operator and owner, is an ex-arena fighter who escaped from imperial slavery decades ago. Gambling is a major part of the culture in this tavern. Fierce betting accompanies every pit fight and the bets are displayed on a board above the bar. This "betting board" is so well known throughout the city that bets of all kinds from all over the city often find their way onto the board. The Ale Drowned Mariner serves a wide variety of food and drinks and has dozens of rooms for rent.
Black Pearl
Cassandra Draabyn
and Verang Senght
Inn/Tavern/Trading Post - A large and popular inn/tavern/trading post that sits on stilts out over the water beside the docks and wharfs. The inn was built by two retired adventurers financed by the treasure gained from their most successful adventure: a large black pearl. The inn is a favorite among reputable and not-so-reputable trading circles. The proprietors will hide regulars, should the need arise, in the "safe house" ingeniously hidden below the water line. For a price, though, they'll hide almost anyone there. Rumors, secrets and shady deals can all be found at The Black Pearl, though violence and bar fights are dealt with severely by the half-ogre Verang. For traders in the know, this is the place to be. Some look at it as sort of a surrogate home, to the point where mariners frequently at sea will arrange for their messages to be delivered directly to the inn, to be picked up from Cassandra's care during their next layover. Cassandra is the sister of Callister Draabyn, a well known mariner who sails the south seas. Callister is reputed to be a cursed man and often has a price on his head. Whenever he is in Freeport, he can be found here having a good chinwag with his fellow sailors (and most likely hiding out from the authorities).
Crab Cove
Tavern - A large and successful tavern and restaurant famous for its deliciously prepared seafood. The prices are surprisingly inexpensive, as it's located right on the coast and the owner, a former fisherman, is able to keep the overhead low. Many traders on business usually try to stop here while in port, and Giovanni will talk their ears off, sometimes even providing free drinks to get the juiciest bits of gossip.
Fair Wind Tavern
Chemek & Keta Bruth
Brewery/Pub - A small brewery and pub which makes Fair Wind Rum from an old family recipe. This tavern is run by two portly brothers and their families. It was founded years ago by their father and uncle.
Mermaid and Trident
Tavern - A rather small, but popular tavern among old fisherman. The building burned down a few years ago, but was completely rebuilt in just a few short months. The owner's explanation for having the funds to rebuild so quickly is that he had help from the Brotherhood of Mariners. However, the Brotherhood guildmembers don't seem to know anything about that. It's well known that Agnar let his guild membership expire over a decade ago because his gambling habit made it difficult for him to keep up with the dues. Agnar, a frail, increasingly accident-prone man in his late fifties, seems very nervous whenever he's questioned about the credibility of his story. One rumor is that the old man rebuilt his inn with money borrowed from the city thieves' guild and is now having problems paying them back. If this is true, then Agnar may be in for some serious trouble. 
Gull's Nest
Inn - An inn for travelers just outside the town's west gate. Room quality is tolerable, food is excreable and prices are cheap.
Inn of the Billowing Sheets
Inn - A very classy and large inn that caters only to wealth and noblemen. The higher-ups of this and nearby nations are often seen here enjoying the luxurious accomodations, fine dining and hot baths. Even the King's most trusted aide is to be found here on a monthly basis, presumably to meet with other rich and important people of note. At any rate, he always leaves in a very good mood (though with strangely wrinkled clothing and messed-up hair), overtipping and whistling his favorite tune. This fine establishment just seems to have that effect on its most notable guests. The inn is located on the Kingsway, very near the castle walls. A very nice walking tour of the city's more noteworthy places is also offered here, at a reasonable price.

Landlubber's Inn

Inn/Tavern - An inn and tavern at the farthest point inland within city limits. It's usually a good place for seasick travelers or anyone who's just plain sick of boats to stay for a night. Etaur serves a very good herbal tea that eases the pains of nausea. In fact, many ship quatermasters in port will be sent there just to pick up a supply of the ingredients for the crew to use on stormy sea voyages. Etaur also has a strange sense of humor... He has a beautiful painting of a longship at full mast hanging in the lobby, riddled with dart holes.
Rusting Anchor
Telbot Davidson
Tavern - The Rusting Anchor is something of a legend. It's where many notable events in Mercia have taken place, being not just a mere tavern but practically the soul of the community. Although a defined class system has always existed in Freeport, the Anchor caters to both rich and poor alike. Just as all ships are brothers when docking in Freeport, all men are equal when raising a tankard at the Rusting Anchor. King Alfred himself will visit occasionally, willing to converse with even the most dirtied commoners (though surrounded by bodyguards). The inn is hundreds of years old, and where some of Freeport's proudest exports, Mercian Stout and Davidson's Best Whiskey were first served to great acclaim. The ownership of the tavern is passed down through the Davidson family's proud tradition. Telbot, as all before him, take this honor very seriously, and will someday pass the care of the establishment to his oldest son. The Rusting Anchor holds an immense celebration each year. The Rusting Anchor gets its name from a huge rusting anchor which hangs above the bar. The origin of this great prize is the subject of lively debate among the regulars. Several tall tales have been spun to explain this great iron decoration but none know for sure. Whenever asked, Telbot smiles knowingly and shrugs.
Whale's Wake
Inn - Inn run by a crusty old ex-whaler. He's a notorious fence who's guests are there not so much for the rooms, but also for making a deal.
Sinking Walrus
Tavern/Thieves Guild - Tavern below the main city dock. Appropriately, it has become a meeting place for the underworld of Freeport, and can be a very dangerous place on certain nights. It can also be a good place to fence blatently illegal goods.
Stone's Throw
Coryn and Dariale
Gambling Hall - A well-known gambling house by the docks. Many a drunken mariner has regained consciousness in an alley after a night of cards here, with their money and sometimes even their boats now belonging to someone else. Fights are predictably common.



Name and Proprietor Description
Brannin's Cobblery Shoppe
Cobbler - This small shop specializes in all manner of footwear. From sandals to heavy studded leather warrior boots, Brannin has it all. His craftsmanship is excellent and often takes special orders. He makes many of the boots for the city militia. In addition to footwear, Brannin makes and sells other leather and fur items - cloaks, backpacks, belts, saddles and coats.
Janog's Tower
Glassblowing and Alchemy Shop - This building is well known by its shape - a tall, five story, circular tower. Here lives an aging wizard named Janog. He is best known as a glassblower and alchemist. In addition to his variety of hand-crafted flasks and bottles, he concocts and sells potions to the wealthy. Janog occassionally will put on magic shows on Market Day at the square.
Durin's Forge
Smithy - Blacksmith and metalworking shop. The one-armed Durin is one of the best smiths in town, and usually gets contracts to craft armor plate for the city militia for a considerable fee. His schedule is usually filled and his prices are high.
The Rising Mast
Brothel - This is the best brothel east of Asylum, with many satisfied customers every day. The madam is a seductive middle aged beauty, and she knows just what her sailors like. Two girl shows, hot oil massages, and "Stow-Away fantasies" are just a few of the services available to the prospective client. To avoid heavy taxation by the city, Chaandra will shrewdly send girls on "outcalls" to certain public officials' hotel rooms, usually at high class places like the Inn of the Billowing Sheets, where the manager will keep it discreet for a few pieces of gold or a complimentary visit to her establishment.
Frederick's Trading Post
Trading Post and General Store - Fiercely proud owner of the largest general store in the south end, Frederick is the man who can get you what you want when you want it. He treats every customer as a trusted friend, and this has made him a very wealthy man. He's a little crazy, but nobody seems to mind. He's grown into quite the beloved town institution, and throws himself a huge two-day long birthday bash every year called "The End of the World", where there's colorful costumes, dancing barmaids, and huge amounts of free liquor for everyone invited.
Graven's Fine Steeds
Stables - Stable and horse trading center on the outskirts of town run by Graven, a half elf male. He hates boats and small children.
Honed Edge
Smithy and Armor/Weapons Shop - This large smithy has two master metal workers and a half dozen apprentices that specialize in various parts of the work - blade forging, handles and hilts, and so forth.Armor and weapons crafted by a man who's split a few skulls in his day. He will make certain to mention this and go into bloody details whenever a customer tries to bargain. High-quality items at an non-negotiable price. Come for the steel, stay for the violent stories.
Kiva's Fine Herbs and Tobaccos
Apothecary/Herb and Food Shop - Apothecary and exotic food shop at the west end. Kiva is quite proud of the fact that she's the only one in town who regularly manages to get ahold of the best grumman tobaccos, and will often suggest them as a complement to any purchase.
Rita's Garment Shoppe
Garment Shop - Tailor shop with all manner of garments and sewn goods. Rita earns a little extra money making costumes and doing make-up for the Sapphire Players, a small local theatre troupe that performs weekly at the Rusting Anchor and other venues.
Rope & Canvas
Nautical Equipment Store - This small store caters mostly to fishermen. It sells all many of fishing equipment, ship board gear, fishing boats of varying size, fish and other seafood and general supplies. It is run by Vortese, an old fisherman who is a native of Freeport.
Tym's Supple Leather Shoppe
Leather Store - Leather goods for sale and leather repair. An ex-adventurer, Tym is more than content to spend the rest of his days working leather in his small shop where it's safe... He claims his old fishing boat was sunk by the Terrible Kraken off the coast of Ormek. Of course, nobody believes him. He crafts leather very well for a man whose hands shake so much.
Yard Arm
Nautical Equipment Store - Large store that specializes in all manner of nautical equipment. Its business is booming lately, due to the Empire-funded increase of warship building in Freeport. This has helped revitalize trade along the coast. Pharlin has had a banner year, and is quite pleased.
Barnacled Hull
Library/Sage/Scribe - This small shop is run by a sage who hires himself out for whatever services are needed. Brenise is an expert cartographer and has a good map collection. He also will serve as a translator of ancient writings, scribe, researcher and tutor. Brenise is a very wise and knowledgable man who can answer almost any question (or at least knows where to get the answer). His small shop is filled with stacks of books. He loves to play chess and will jump at the opportunity to play a new opponent. Brenise lives on a small ship and runs this shop out of his "boathouse". He almost never sails anywhere and so usually this ship just sits, perpetually docked, gathering barnacles on its hull.
Spinnaker Taut
Theatre - A small theatre run by an enormously fat human woman named Zoris. She believes its her duty to bring a little civility and culture to the salty commoners of this city and so she runs this playhouse. The Sapphire Players work here often. Also, she manages to get a new minstrel to pluck a few chords each week. Occasionally she'll have a jester or clown. Zoris has a small staff (three barmaids that serve drinks, one bouncer, one barkeep). She herself often gets up on stage to introduce the next act/performer. Overall, the food and entertainment to be found here are only average quality, but the rousing atmosphere more than makes up for it.
17 Fathoms
Boat Repair - A small, privately run shop that builds and repairs long boats and small sailboats. Sothen handles all the repair work himself and will take on any job that isn't too large. Sothen also takes on jobs such as fishing nets, oars, lobster traps and other gear. He is an old sea-dog and knows just about everything there is to know about the sea and sailing. Unless you've come as a paying customer or to swap sea stories, he'll hurry you out the door.
High Street Bakery
Vonko, Srechko and Ivo
Bakery - The High Street Bakery sits atop one of the hills overlooking the harbor and has a commanding view of the entire city. From this large, three story stone building, an ever present aroma of fresh dough wafts down to the docks below. The High Street Bakery is run by three brothers and their families who come originally from Vorrik. It has four large clay ovens for baking breads, pies, pastries and a huge central fire pit for general cooking. In addition to breads, pies and pastries, they also boil fruit down to preserves, jar honey and offer a few common plates – beef stew, fresh sea bass and chowder. The soups and chowders here are particularly good. The seafood chowder, a thick red spicy soup with loads of fresh seafood, is a favorite among the regular patrons. The bakery has a small eating area for guests and a nice deck overlooking the city.



Rumors, Gossips and Adventure Ideas

A great rivalry has flared up between the captains of the Sea Goddess and the Night Wind. To settle the dispute, there is going to be a race from Mercia to Borakar to find a hidden treasure, which has been placed there specifically for this race, and then back to Mercia. Originally closed to just those two ships, other ship captains are now claiming that they will also compete. The date of the race has not yet been set, but a great deal of fervor is beginning. Local taverns are hosting bets on the outcome of the race. Different groups are sponsoring different ships. 


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