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Age Unknown, but ancient Hair Style Long and curly
Race Mixed Hair Color Grey
Height 1.57 meters (5' 2") Eye Color Yellow
Weight 59 kilograms (130 lb) Distinguishing Marks None
Gender Female Clothing/Equipment Green robes, shawl, walking cane

Profession Spell caster
Chief Location Freeport
Affiliations None
Languages Southern, Rukemian, Orcish, Ogrish, Drakkellin, Goblin and probably several others
Skills Herbalism, Sorcery, Spellcraft, Plant Lore, Animal Lore, History

General Description

Gorrosha is an orcish witch who lives in the Undercity... the darkest and most disreputable neighborhood of the capital city of Freeport. She has as a reputation as an evil sorceress with whom respectable folk will not consort. Gorrosha lives in her small shop. She sells a variety of magic and potions to those who can pay. Most of those who seek out her services are criminals of one sort or another.

Gorrosha is not a member of the Freeport Magic Guild and there seems to be some friction between her and the guild.

Physical Appearance

Gorrosha is a wizened and ancient looking thing that shuffles about with the help of a gnarled wooden walking cane. She typically wears worn green robes and a heavy woolen shawl.

Gorrosha is a mix of orcish, ogrish and goblin ancestry. She has wrinkled green skin and a pair of small horns protruding from her grey hair.


Gorrosha dislikes most people and prefers her privacy. She rarely ventures out of her shop and only at night. There are many rumors about her - that she can speak to the dead, that she consorts with evil spirits, that she can see the future. Based on stories from people who have met her, that last one might be true.

Although she has a fearsome reputation, she's not quite as bad as most rumors claim. She can be grumpy, taciturn and sour, but will usually treat paying customers fairly and even offer them tea.

She often talks to herself, rambling in and out of various languages. She is often heard to chuckle at her own jokes and has a wicked, if unfathomable, sense of humor.

Notable Skills

Gorrosha is very talented at spell craft and sorcery. She manufacturers a variety of magical items. She has been known to enchant rings and wands and magical cloaks. She is also quite skilled at herbalism and the lore of plants and animals. Much of her magic involves the blood and body parts of animals and monsters. She is an expert at brewing potions and has in stock a bewildering variety of powders, salves, elixirs and potions.

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