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There are many regional dialects of orcish. Each variation often borrows from and is influenced subtly by other languages of the region about it. For instance, orcs of the Northern Tusks and Dragon Claws have a dialect that bears a subtle resemblance to Northern. Words are borrowed from Northern and the overall sound bears a distant similarity to Northern. Other regional orcish dialects show similar patterns of linguistic corruption. These include orcish spoken by the orcs of the Coalition, the orcs of Duthelm and the orcs that prowl the eastern wilderness (the Thunder Peaks and the Grandwood forest).


Orcish is a descendant language of Traxxi. Orcish is a harsh, grating language with a choppy enunciation, punctuating by short grunts and snorts. It is a forcefully spoken language with several difficult pronunciations that trip up foreign speakers of the language. Spoken orcish has a simple grammatical system and verbs have very basic conjugations.


Orcish has a 40 letter alphabet from the Traxxi alphabet. As in ogrish, each letter represents a particular "whole" sound. Orcish letters are large blunt characters of simple design with no decoration and bold strokes.


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