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True Ogrish
True Ogrish is the original tongue of the ogres, bearing a strong similarity to Traxxi. It is spoken in many nations in the east including the Coalition, War Vale, Duthelm. Speakers of ogrish can be found many other places as well.

Battle Tongue
This is a rapidly spoken, clipped version of ogrish. It consists of simpler grammatical rules, short sentences and simple construction. Verbs are not conjugated. Syntax words such as a, an and the are simply stripped away. It is used by all ogrish warriors during battle to issue commands and the like.


Ogrish is one of several languages that evolved from Traxxi. Ogrish is a crude, guttural language... little more than animal grunts and growls. Ogrish is a harsh and forcefully spoken language with many odd, difficult sounds. Many morphemes carry complex ideas in a single words. The most complex ones usually deal with battle, honor, glory and such. Ogrish bears a close resemblance to sauric and orcish. Although it sounds different from Southern, linguists see many similarities which show the common heritage of these languages.


It has an alphabet of 46 letters, each representing a sound. This alphabet is based on the 42 letter Traxxi alphabet, but several letters have been added or modified. This alphabet consists of sharp angled letters with blade like projections and serifs. Ogrish lettering is usually written with blunt characters of simple design, no decoration and bold strokes.


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