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Age 62 (Middle aged) Hair Style Not applicable
Race Saurian Hair Color Not applicable
Height 1.9 meters (6' 3") Eye Color Black
Weight 98 kilograms (216 lb) Distinguishing Marks None.
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Leather armor, blade harness.

Profession Thief and information broker
Chief Location Freeport
Affiliations Various criminal groups in Mercia
Languages Southern, Drakkellin, Sauric
Skills Bluffing, Intimidation, Persuasion, Gambling, Blade Combat, Stealth

General Description

Kuufa is a thief and scoundrel who prowls the streets and docks of Freeport. He is a member of the thieves guild and a freelance information broker. He has a talent for sneaking about and overhearing conversations. He knows most people in the city and, somehow, always seems to know what plots are going on at any given time. Rumor, gossip and tavern chatter are his commodity. He sells this information for a price to those who can use it. Often he will play opposing groups against each other, charging them both for what he knows of the other. Kuffa is careful to stay neutral in any conflict so that he can interact with every group freely and ply his trade.

Physical Appearance

Kuufa is a saurian male of the chelaxi subrace. He is a somewhat short, for a saurian, standing only 1.7 meters tall. His green reptilian scales are somewhat faded. Kuufa weights leather armor and has a pair of short swords and two daggers strapped to his chest in a harness.


Kuufa is a coward and will avoid combat when he can. He prefers to talk because he can usually control the conversation. He has a talent for turning any conversation into a profit for himself. Ultimately, profit is what he seeks. He enjoys indulging in fine tobaccos and expensive food and drink. He also has a bit of a gambling problem. So, despite his success at information brokering, he always seems to be in need of money. He simply spends money as quickly as he makes it and rarely looks more than a day or two ahead. He lives an uncomplicated life, savoring the moment. He does not concern himself with past regrets or future goals.

Notable Skills

Kuufa is skilled with his blades, but will draw them only as a last resort, preferring to talk his way out of trouble. Kuufa has a quick wit and a silver tongue. He beguiles with charm and persuasion when he can, but is not above subtle intimidation and nuanced threats. Rarely does he resort to physical intimidation or violence. And because of his relatively small size (for a saurian) there are few he can physically intimidate.


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