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The Black Pearl

"All men of the sea are brothers here. So put the blades away..."
-  Cassandra, Co-owner


The Black Pearl is a large, bustling establishment which is quite popular with sailors, fishermen and boat builders. It caters to the commoners of Freeport with good food and good music. The rooms are large, clean and reasonably priced. The Black Pearl is part tavern/inn/trading post and mariners guild. Everyone is welcome here. 

This establishment is owned and operated by an odd pair, a human woman and an ogre warrior. Cassandra and Verang are co-owners of the Black Pearl. They retired  together after having adventured in the same group for several years. The tavern is named after their last quest. During it, they traveled to a distant island and battle savages and great reptiles. Among the treasure recovered from that adventure was a large black pearl. Cassandra and Verang sold the pearl and used the profits to buy the tavern.

The Black Pearl's most unique feature is its architecture. The entire 3 story building sits on massive wooden stilts over the water out in the harbor. It is connected to the mainland by a fifty foot wooden dock. Freshwater seafood is taken right off of the fishing boats and into the kitchen.

A hidden water tight chamber lies beneath the waves. This "safe room" is only accessible via a secret shaft drilled through the center of the largest wooden pylon. Cassandra and Verang will hide fugitives in the safe room for a small fee. 

The Bar Staff

Cassandra Draabyn

Cassandra is a strong willed red head who's not afraid to bark at the customers when they need it. Cassandra is the younger sister of Callister Draabyn, a well known mariner who sails the south seas.


A former gladiator and adventurer, Verang is 400 pounds of muscle and tusk. He wears his long brown hair in a ponytail. Verang's massive sword hangs above the fireplace. Verang has more gladiator stories than there are notches on his blade. 


Podge is the energetic grumman barkeep that keeps the tankards filled. Because of his short stature, there is a wooden ledge behind the bar upon which he stands. This ledge runs the entire length of the bar and Podge often walks from one end to the other refilling drinks and juggling a half dozen conversations.


Boris is the cook. A bald, tan, well built man with a short fuse. Hails from the Pirate Isles and uses a lot of sorrani powder in his dishes.

Marryl and Leetha

The Black Pearl has two barmaids, sister, who could not be less alike. The older sister, a 28 year old beauty, is a buxom brunette with a flirty smile and bubbly disposition. The younger sister, a thin girl with raven hair and striking eyes, is quiet and shy. 


A 14 year old boy that does odd jobs and tends the stables.

Common Patrons

The clientele of this tavern are mostly salty seadogs, mariners, fishermen and ship wrights. Several high ranking members of the local thieves' guild also frequent this establishment.


The dishes are posted on a chalkboard over the main bar. It typically has the following items:

One Kebrin - 1 copper
Black Rye Loaf - 5 copper
Honeyed 3-Grain Loaf - 3 copper
Rhen Wheat Loaf - 2 copper

Mercian Stout - 1 silver
Storm Draught - 7 copper
Traveller Elite - 2 silver
Spiced Ale - 2 copper

Of The Farm:
Meat and cheese plate - 5 copper
Bowl of Beef Stew - 4 copper
Bowl of Porridge - 3 copper
Bowl of Vegetable soup - 2 copper
Shredded Fongon Leaves - 1 copper
Meatcake - 3 copper

Of The Sea:
Sunfish Fillets - 9 copper
Swordfish - 7 copper
Blue Crab - 5 copper
Tuna Steak - 4 copper


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