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War Night

War Night is a yearly celebration that takes takes place on Hearthseek 15 throughout all of the nation of Duthelm. This festival celebrates the night that the great Citadel fell to the onslaught of the ogre hordes. It is a night long celebration of feasting, fighting, drinking and gambling. Every debauchery is indulged in. Prisoners are executed publicly and, on one occassion, their blood used as water in a fountain.

One recurring theme of War Night is settling old debts. This may involve the paying of a monetary debt or returning a borrowed item. However, it also might be responding to an insult, avenging the death of a loved one or getting even with someone who has done you wrong.

War Night is exceptionally brutal. Mock battles, wrestling matches and sports often degenerate into actual fighting. Overexuberance leads to street fights and riots. Tavern brawls are expected and planned for. Those who do not wish to participate in this festival usually stay home and lock their doors.


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