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Festival of Masks


This huge festival is held once a year in late spring and almost everyone in the city participates. It involves a city wide masquerade. Everyone makes a mask on their own and wears it for the duration of the festival. Masks are usually fashioned to resemble dragons, goblins and other bestial visages. Throughout the festival, celebration and dancing is held in every tavern and in the city streets. Strange masks, elaborate costumes, dancing, feasting and drunken revelry are the norm. This festival began as a way to meet new people. It is tradition to talk and dance with strangers without asking their true name (although many people will adopt a fictional  name and personae to go with their mask).

Among other festivities, a "King of the minstrels" is elected from all the bards and musicians. This special honor means that the king of minstrels is granted special powers for the duration of the festival. The King of Minstrels may forgive small debts, pardon minor criminals and that sort of thing.

This festival is held each year on Landthrive 11 and lasts for three days.


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