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Dance of the Suns


The only significant cultural event of the Baenites is a specific festival held once each year that is held in all baenite villages.  During this event, baenites pay homage to their gods, the twin suns, Takyr and Zhun. They celebrate their culture, their magic and their desert home.

Since the baenites have no central government and no great cities, there are actually several gathering places where the Dance of the Suns occurs. These gathering places are considered holy ground and have remained unchanged for centuries. During this celebration, thousands of baenites from dozens of villages around each gathering place will come.

All manner of competitions are held at these events. Archery, wrestling, brawling and swordplay are played out before gambling crowds. There are also public speeches, games, poetry recitings, intellectual puzzle competitions, writing competitions and historical re-enactments. The highlight of this celebration is the Dance of the Suns, for which the event is named. The Dance involves several hundred, sometimes several thousand, participants who dance a slow, rhythmic swaying dance with colored hand flags.


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