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The Blood Feasting


The "Blood Feasting" is the grandest festival in the dark realm of the Coalition. It celebrates the day that the Seven Guilds united and founded this great land. The Blood Feasting involves much feasting, fighting, drinking and debauchery. Criminal executions, chariot races and arena combat provide entertainment to the crowds. Gambling is at the heart of these games. It is a night of excess and revelry. Nothing is too extreme for this festival.

It is tradition that bounties on wanted criminals are paid double on this day. Bounty hunters will often hold their quarry for weeks if necessary to turn in their prisoners during this festival.

The Blood Feasting is celebrated mainly in the capital city of Tyrrenkor where this annual night of sin is almost legendary. To a lesser degree, it is celebrated throughout the Coalition.

The Blood Feasting is held on Magesway 20 in early spring. The debauchery rages all day and all night and often into the next day.


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