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Festival of Trees


The largest elven celebration is the Festival of Trees which happens once each summer on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, on Magerule 18. It is held in the deep in the Grandwood forest just outside of the capital city of Cyrell.  It is a time of gaiety and laughter, song and dance, crafts and arts. Drum circles form spontaneously and everyone is invited to join in with an instrument, dance a jig or simple sit and sway to the music. As the elven culture is more comfortable with nudity than most human "civilized" lands, there is much unclothed frolicking. Many decorate their bodies with wreathes of flowers, body painting and jewelry. It is tradition to clothe oneself in nature's garments - flowers, leaves and twine. Clothes are discarded. Puppet shows and story telling enthrall crowds.


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