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Woodland Festival

The largest festival in Kitar is held in autumn in a large forest 6 kilometers outside of Myranor. This four day festival, beginning on Forestblush 12,  is very popular with the commoners and peasants. Serfs and common laborers from all over the nation will attend. The Woodland Festival involves drinking contests, colorful parades, body painting, dancing, singing, a number of contests and competitions, gambling, crafts and, quite often, marriages. The Woodland Festival is renowned for wild festivities, public nudity and every imaginable excess. The woods where this festival is held has over 60 tree houses which are built on ground level and perched in the trees. They are tended year round, but only see activity during this festival during which time they are filled with raucous laughter and drunken revelry. Also known as the Myranor Forest Faire.

At the center of the festival is an immense wooden pole carved in the likeness of a spirit being. This spirit represents the patron saint of the festival. On the first day of the festival, in a formal ceremony, a priest of Imarus blesses the spirit pole. This spirit pole watches over the fun for the remainder of the festival.


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