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Seasonal Festivals


Almost all cultures have seasonal festivals - these are celebrated upon specific dates on the calendar based on the passing of the seasons. They are celebrated on the spring equinox, summer solstice, autumn equinox and winter solstice, respectively. Although there are minor variations, these festivals are remarkably similar throughout the world.

The Planting Festival
The Planting Festival is often called the Spring Festival. Almost all cultures have some sort of planting festival and many celebrate it on the Spring Equinox - the day in which the day and night are of equal length. In most planting festivals, the crops are seeded in community wide celebrations that mix labor with festivities. In Borrell, this is called the "Rebirth Festival" as the world awakens from its wintery slumber and is reborn. This borrellian festival is a community wide feast and orgy celebrating the end of winter and the survival of the village through the harsh season.

The grumman have an elaborate tradition associated with the Planting Festival which involves teams of dancers. One group of dancers are dressed in shimmering white and carry white canes. The other is dressed in flowing green and adorn themselves with flowers and carry flaming torches. These two groups partake in a mock battle dance where in the green dancers, who represent spring, do battle with and overcome the white dancers, who represent winter.

The Midyear's Day Festival
The Midyear's Day Festival, sometimes called simply the Summer Festival - is celebrated on the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year. In most nations, this is a day of relaxation. It is a tradition that no work is done. The grumman summer festivals are usually called "Friendship Festivals" and follow along themes of friendship and fellowship. Making new friends and re-acquinting with old ones is a major part of these grumman gatherings.

Summer Festivals show the most variation. For instance, in Magrakor, the summer festival begins on the summer solstice, but it a week long celebration centered around wrestling, races, tests of strength and endurance and an array of cooking and brewing contests. While in Normidia, the summer festival is a five day faire centered around hunting. All other aspects, costumes, cooking, etc. related back to the hunt in some way. While it is known as the Tykron Summer Festival, it is actually celebrated in almost all Normidian towns and villages. The highlight of this festival are the great torgat hunts.

The Harvesting Festival
Celebrated on the Autumn Equinox. A time of harvesting. Feasting is an important part of these festivals because of the abundance of food. Casks of wines and new ales are usually opened or unveiled for the autumn faires. Harvesting festivals often center aruond jousting, archery competitions and other competitive sports, especially in more "civilized" Ithrian nations.

The Winter Festival
The Winter Festival is celebrated on the Winter Solstice - the shortest day and longest night of the year. It is a time of sharing warmth and food and shelter. The theme of the festival is usually about home and hearth, community and sharing, warmth and safety. Such festivals go by many different names, but there are generally the same. The Borrellian Winter Festival is unique in that the borrellians are actually celebrating winter itself. They revel in the brutal polar conditions and have many sports and games outside wherein warriors will participate mostly unclothed, essentially daring the elements to claim them.


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