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The Reclamation Festival

The Reclamation Festival is a great festival held in the dwarven nation of Urmordia. It is held on the anniversary of, and in celebration of, the reclaiming of the city-state of Mordia from the Sarthak masters of the underdark. As such, this celebration is held on It was a great day in dwarven history. They retook their home that had been lost in the War of Caverns. For this reason, the Reclamation Festival is mostly about celebrating dwarven culture, home and hearth and the triumph over darkness, both literal and metaphorical.

The Reclamation Festival of Urmordia is focused on dwarven ale and traditional dwarven food. Specifically, beef and mushroom stew is the highlighted dish. The tale of War of Caverns and the reclamation of Mordia is told by elder dwarves to groups of younger generations. Work on generational art is often unveiled at these events.


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