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Festival of the Burning Wood

“…the final battle of the civil war some 225 years ago was called the Battle of the Burning Wood and it occurred in the Dwendaron forest 5 leagues south of Calanon. This was the battle where Lothiramar and his dread minions were defeated. This was the battle that turned the tide of the War….The clash of titans that set us free. Gurishnak the Bloody, Kalimar the Mighty, Tyrian the Just. These are the shining warlords that led the charge that day".
From the Narrator's Opening Speech from the play, the Battle of the Burning Wood


The Festival of the Burning Wood celebrates the battle of the same name in which the tide of a great war was changed which led to the overthrowing of the Lothiramar, the Sorcerer King. This city wide three day celebration involves mask wearing, dressing in costumes, plays, historical reenactments, feasting, singing, games and speeches.

The Festival of the Burning Wood is held in all cities throughout Aukaria. However, the largest celebration is held in Calanon which is the closest major Aukarian City to the site of the Battle of the Burning Wood. Calannon takes this celebration very seriously. The entire city is cleaned and decorated weeks in advance. Banners and flags are flown from every building. The air is thick with the smell of newly potted plants, fresh paint, baked bread and heady perfume. Etc.

Newly hired, deputized militia men walk about in small groups keeping the peace.

Jugglers and actors and jesters and minstrels are everywhere. Indeed, many of the townsfolk are dressed up. It seems to be the fashion of this festival. Children and adults are dressed up as goblin-like creatures, ghosts and such. Stages are set up about the cities where 20 foot tall puppets act out plays.

Archery contests, jousting, board wrestling, swordplay and hammer tosses round out the events.


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