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All Fools Fest


The largest festival in Kalimura is an annual event called All Fools Fest. During this three day long affair, citizens craft and wear a variety of masks and costumes. The theme for this festival is the folly of magic and religion. Most people will dress up as priests, wizards, witches and such. Goblins, ghouls, zombies and golems are also popular choices. Garbed so, the participants will grossly exaggerate the characteristics of the religion or character they are portraying and mock the laws of the "less enlightened" lands. In all, it is a gay, festive time of pranks, contests and masked balls. It is a time of reckless abandon, frivolous spending, sumptuous sweets and child-like playfulness. Everyone is expected to indulge and play the part of the "fool".

The All Fools Festival happens in early autumn each year beginning on Spellsebb 10 and is held in all towns and villages. The most intense celebrating is held in Orrojek during which time the entire city virtually  shuts down for the duration of the festival. The festivities rage for three days and three nights. Taverns remain open continuously.

During this festival, wizards and priests who are in town are treated as celebrities for the duration of the festival. Oft times they are bought drinks and asked questions about their faith or magic. However, many simply do not put up with it as the pretense of sincerity is tissue thin and the mockery behind it is obvious. 


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