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Lord Cellar Gedren

Age 52 Hair Style Balding on top, short, unkempt hair on sides
Race Human Hair Color Grey
Height 1.75 meters (5'9") Eye Color Blue
Weight 89.4 kilograms (197 lb) Distinguishing Marks Large nose, long braided goatee
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Heavy wool overcoat.

Profession Ruling officer of the Varakai, Normidia's intelligence network
Chief Location The capital city of Tykron in Normidia.
Affiliations Normidian Government and Military, the Varakai
Languages Northern, Vorrikan, Corven, Irenni, Ogrish, Orcish, Sauric
Skills Tactics, Strategy, Diplomacy,  Sword Combat, Chess, Gaming, Bluffing, Intimidation, Leadership


Lord Cellar Gedren is the chief officer of the Varakai, the intelligence network of Normidia. He is responsible for the security of Normidia. It is his job to know what is going on in the political and military climate of the northwest. Lord Gedren answers directly to the king.

Lord Gedren has seen much of life and served Normidia in many capacities. In his youth, he was a warrior in the military and saw some action against orcish hordes of the DragonClaw mountains. Later in life, he was promoted to an officer and served some time aboard a Normidian ship. After this, he was recruited by the diplomatic branch and served his nation as an ambassador to Vorrik. (It was a high ranking Vorrikan noble who gave him his favorite coat). He speaks with a slight accent due to the geographically disparate positions he has held.

Physical Appearance

Lord Gedren is an older man with a bulbous nose, watery eyes, and a large belly. He is balding, but has thick tufts of grey hair that stick out to the sides and back. He has a long goatee braided in dwarven fashion which is adorned with silver and sapphire rings. Although his outfits change depending on the weather or event, he always wears a heavy wool overcoat which is quite decorative.


In his younger days, Gedren was a strict and disciplined man who demanded perfection from himself and his subordinates. Age and experience have softened him considerably. These days, he enjoys sharing a fine wine and a warm fire with old friends as they relive stories from their adventurous youth.

Gedren is an avid chess player and also loves riddles. (His conversation is sometimes laced with subtle cryptic word games). He is also a voracious reader of history and philosophy.

Notable Skills

Lord Gedren is a skilled warrior, a fine officer and a statesman. He still retains the martial skills of his youth and can cross swords with any warrior. In addition to combat skills, Gedren is an organized administrator, a meticulous planner and a charismatic leader. 


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