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The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery

"Magic is our commerce, spells our coin."

Type of Organization Wizardly
Type of Members Wizards
Number of Members 90 wizard members, 340 other (staff, servants, apprentices, scribes, laborers)
Demographics Human 68%, Grumman 11%, Elven 9%, Phellysian 4%, Dwarven 3%, Avarian 2%, Other 3% 
Primary Location(s) Drakkel
Leader Poth Dimrani, human male wizard
Year Founded 1138 CY
Symbol A flaming coin.
Group Wealth Very wealthy
Group Stability Very stable

General Description

The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery is perhaps the greatest guild of mages in all of southern Ithria. Boasting 90 full time members and several hundred support staff, the Guild is located in the heart of the city in a fortress known as Kaldrayden, a tremendous towering colossus of grey stone, jutting balconies and steep tiled roofs. Only members are allowed access to Kaldrayden (Kal-DRAY-den) and all of its 280 chambers which include various bed rooms, lounges, dining halls, kitchens, treasuries and armories.

The main door of this guild is a massive and ornate oaken pair of doors with a tremendous face fashioned in wood and metal upon it. This face is magical and animated. It will actually speak and greet visitors. It will answer basic questions, offer to "fetch" specific people (by magical means) and even engage in conversation. The door has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys jests and puns. It will happily engage a person in conversation for hours, if they stay. However, the door does tend to be long winded.

The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery has a remarkable array of resources available to its members. Within the halls of great Kaldrayden one will find eight main alchemical laboratories stocked with the rarest ingredients, a main library that holds some of the most treasured grimoires of the ages, a spell research chamber, a summoning chamber,  the Seeing Stone of Sirana, the Star Seeker Chamber (an astronomical observatory of great renown), the Great Crystal of Athishar and the Five Elemental Rings of Cyretan.


The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery formed in response to the Siege of Garrison which began in 1137 CY. In those turbelent times, there was much profit to be made. Many mercenary companies, war lords, wealthy nobles and great knights were riding to war. Many of them wanted to carry forth weapons of magic and potent destructive spells.

There were many small groups of wizards at the time and dozens of independent mages of great skill. However, the demand was greater than the wizards of the time could produce. In addition, large scale spells, while more profitable, require cooperation among several wizards.

Mironda Adikar, a human sorceress of short statue but legendary temperament, successfully united the five wizards and one small mage school to form the foundation of the Drakkellian Wizard's Alliance. Through cooperation, the wizards were able to produce weapons and spells far greater than any one minor group could.

In 1149 CY, the group united under a single roof in the western quarter of Drakkell. The headquarters of the Guild of Sorcery served them well for over two centuries, during which time it was expanded and rebuilt several times to accomodate its growing numbers. By 1377 CY, the Guild numbered almost 30 wizard members and nearly 100 staff. Late that same year, an experiment in one of the labs resulted in an explosion that leveled an entire wing and the rest of the great hall burned to the ground. Taking shelter wherever they could, the Guild members combined their wealth and resources and worked together to build on a new home. In the spring of 1378 CY, construction of Kaldrayden began. Over 700 stone cutters, craftsmen, laborers and wizards worked side by side for four years. In the summer of 1442 CY, members of the guild began to move in. Construction on various sections of the great fortress continued for another 10 years. The work was finally completed in the autumn of 1542 CY at which time the membership of the guild numbered 60 wizards and 200 support staff.

Kaldrayden has served as the home of the Guild of Sorcery for the last twelve centuries. During the intervening centuries, many great works have been added including the Star Seeker Chamber, the Seeing Stone, the Great Crystal and the summoning chamber.

Goals and Motivation

Like all wizard guilds, the Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery is dedicated to the advancement of magical knowledge. Classes and training, both formal and informal, are conducted at every level. However, it is also a Drakkellian business and is, therefore, interested in profit. While magical resources, knowledge and tools are made available to all of its members, members are expected to pay for these privileges. Membership allows access to the library, labs and other resources (for a price), but no one gets a discount.

Allies and Enemies

The Drakkellian Guild of Sorcery has business relationships with many organizations in the city of Drakkel and the Drakkellian government, but no true allies. Likewise, the wealth and power of the Guild are envied by many, but there are no organizations that directly oppose the Guild..


Membership requires an annual dues of 100 silver pieces and an interview before three guild members to demonstrate magical ability.

The benefits of membership are many:

a. The member is given a small metal brooch which can be worn as a badge of station and indicates membership.
b. Access to the spell chamber, alchemy labs, wizardry labs, library.
c. Access to training, lectures, seminars, meetings and classes.
d. Access to new spells (for purchase).
e. Access to prepared spell components for purchase
f. Reduced cost at certain shops and inns in the city.
g. Meals may be purchased and they are very high quality.
h. Private quarters are available. Some, but not all, members live at Kaldrayden. Some senior members live elsewhere but maintain private apartments here year round.

Costs of Membership

Benefit Cost Notes
Annual Dues 100 silver This is the standard payment required of all guild members in good standing once per year.
Access to Kaldrayden Free Only members or invited guests of the Guild may set foot within the walls of Kaldrayden.
Use of the Guild Library 1 sp/day The main library of Kaldrayden rivals even the great city library. Use of the library is strictly reserved for members and even they must pay a silver per use.
Use of a lab 10 sp/day The Guild maintains eight fully stocked laboratories. Use of any one of these labs is restricted to members in good standing and requires 10 gp per day.
Scribe Services 1 sp/hour Many scribes are employed by the guild who will copy or transcribe whatever is needed for 1 sp per hour.
Private Quarters 100 sp/month Some members actually live within the walls of Kaldrayden. These apartments are expensive, but well furnished.
Meals Varies Many members take meals. The main kitchen is well stocked and the kitchen staff is able to provide anything from a small midnight snack to a magnificient banquet.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Seniority based.




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