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The Watchers

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Soldiers, Guards
Member of Members 800
Demographics Human 30%, Dwarven 20%, Ogre 10%, Grumman 10%, Orc 10%, Elven 10%, Other 10% 

Primary Location(s)



Minister Peta Ausmin, Minister of the Guard
Year Founded 1840 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Watchers is a covert government intelligence organization operating in Kalimura. This organization is charged with the duty of

bullet maintaining Kalimuran technological superiorty
bullet preventing other nations from acquiring too much Kalimuran technology
bullet preventing the emigration of certain Kalimuran citizens which possess too much technical knowledge
bullet monitor activities within Kalimura and safeguard the nation and its citizens

However, this group is generally not involved in the day to day affairs of the citizens. It is a small organization with a very focused purpose. Less than 1 in 1000 Kalimurans have sufficient technical knowledge to be of interest to the Watchers. Usually, the Watchers are monitoring between 50-100 Kalimurans and very rarely does this organization have to interfere. When they do, the general populace is unaware. 


As Kalimura's technology superiority developed, it became evident that measures were needed to prevent advanced items from being smuggled out of the nation. In 1840 CY, the Watchers were formed to control the dissemination of Kalimuran technology. It began as a special branch of the City Guard, but has since grown and become its own unique entity. Over the years, its mandate has broadened and it now functions as the intelligence network for the nation.

Goals and Motivation

Very little is known about this group, its members, its policies or its resources. There are many rumors about this group, many of which conflict. It is generally believed that people with extensive technical knowledge are simply not allowed to leave Kalimura and that the Watchers will do whatever is necessary, including assassination, to protect Kalimuran interests. 

Allies and Enemies

Allied with various Kalimuran groups including the Technomancers. Enemies include various economic groups in the Drakkellian Alliance who would profit from the export of Kalimuran goods, particularly House Qaigen.


Stringent technical and social skill requirements screen out most applicants. Membership is difficult to obtain. Usually, one must have served in the Kalimuran military or city guard.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Rank structure within the Watchers mimics the ranks of the Kalimuran City Guard. From lowest to highest, the ranks are Guardsmen, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander and at the top is Minister Ausmin.




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