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The Slave Lords

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Slavers, guards, craftsmen, merchants
Member of Members 800
Demographics Human 25%, Ogre 20%, Dwarf 20%, Saurian 15%, Orc 10%, Other 10%

Primary Location(s)

Rukemia, Ormek, Mercia, Coalition, Pirate Isles, Kitar


Master Usinar, exiled dwarven military commander
Year Founded 2480 CY
Symbol Three links of a chain. Some say it also represents the slaver, the buyer and the slave.
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Stable

General Description

The Slave Lords are, as the name implies, a guild of slavers spread throughout the Rukemian Empire and the east lands. They maintain a profitable slave trade by obtaining (through purchase or capture) debtors, prisoners and "primitives" from the west and transporting them to the east. They have major guild houses in Kitar, Ormek, Rukemia, Mercia, the War Vale and Duthelm. Each guild house is a small castle serving as "processing facility", training center, meeting hall, armory, storage area and interrogation center. Each guild house is home to approximately 100 common guards, 10 "slave lords" and one commander. Overall, the Slave Lords are about 800 members strong. Slavery is an important part of the economic tapestry of the Rukemian Empire. The Slave Lords have an exclusive franchise for all slave trading in the empire.

The Slave Lords bring in approximately 100 to 150 slaves to the eastern realms each month. New slaves are brought in by caravan or ship to one of the guild houses. Inside they are cleaned, their spirit broken (if necessary), interrogated (to find out what languages they speak, what skills they have, etc.) and made ready for market. They are then divided up into groups and transported via wagon caravan (under heavy guard) to the various city markets. Profits are returned by the same heavily guarded caravans to the guild houses.

The Slave Lords often send ships past the Sea of Chaos to the far west and prey upon Myrians. On occasion, they will also raid Talis and Karth, returning with phellysians and Karthasians. Slaver ships also travel the islands south of Ithria and prey upon the coastal lands of western Qeshir. The symbol of the Slave Lords consists of three interlocking circles.


This group has operated for almost 250 years. Originally starting out as a small guild of 20, it has thrived in the last century. Under the ruthless management of Usinar, it has double its size and profits in the last 30 years. Currently, it is of growing concern to several nations in southern and western Ithria.

Goals and Motivation

The Slave Lords jealously guard their slave trading franchise and will not tolerate any person or organization interferring with their operation or encroaching on their territory. The slave lords will respond with lethal force or legal attacks depending on the nature of the threat. They are primarily interested in advancing their position in the empire and expanding into Carrikos in the north and the Coalition in the south.

Allies and Enemies

The Slave Lords hold an economic franchise granted to it by the imperial government of Rukemia. Beyond government sanction and various economic dependencies, the Slave Lords have no allies. Enemies, however, are plentiful. Town militias, mercenary companies and others either oppose slavery or would like to take some of the profits from the slave market for themselves.

There is a growing rivalry with the Company, a criminal organization in the southlands who is a direct competitor in the slave market. Both the Slave Lords and the Company would like to encroach on the other's territory. Currently, their territories overlap in the Mercia and Ormek regions. The fighting between these two groups is most fierce in Ormek. The Coalition has recently taken to attacking Slave Lord ships as their pass through the Sea of Chaos.


Often young men hoping for easy pay seek to join the Slave Lords. Many are hired as simply thugs to guard the slaves and protect the guild houses. They receive a decent wage, but never raise in rank. Those who possess useful skills or show talent beyond simple thuggery may be promoted. Any race is welcome to join. Those with a strong body and a hardened heart are the type that do well in this organization.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The Slave Lords are stratified into a rigidly hierarchical rank system. All slave lords wear black uniforms and a colored sash. Each rank is identified by a different color of sash. At the top of the pyramid is a single figure, Master Usinar. Little is known of this figure except that he is a dwarven military commander who was exiled from Urmordia long ago. His sash is black. Beneath him are the Commanders, with blue sashes. Each Commander rules a number of Slave Lords who wear red sashes. The lowest rank of this organization is simply known as Slavers and are identified by a yellow sash. Yellow sashes are used as simply guards, thugs and enforcers. Some are used for common labor. In addition, the Slave Lords often employ mages. These Slaver Magi wear white sashes and specialize in magic useful to the trade: spells of tracking, perimeter defense, mental domination, mind reading, etc.




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