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The Pirate Isles

"A necklace of emerald jewels spread across an azure sea..."

"Such a beautiful paradise... tragedy that it is home to such villainy."
-Trent Borathar, first officer of the Nemesis


Proper Name The Pirate Isles
Ruler None
Population 735,000
Demographics Human (Southerner) 33%, Orc 20%, Saurian 15%, Ogre 13%, Grum 10%, Dwarven 3%, Mandalar 2%, Elven 2%, Other 1%
Adjectival/Demonym Isle/Islanders
Languages Southern 75%, Drakkellin 10%, Orcish 6%, Sauric 5% Other 4%
Capital City None
National Colors None
Year Founded 425
Currency Mixed. Virtually all forms of currency can be found somewhere in the Pirate Isles. Trade and barter is common
Natural Resources Tropical and maritime flora and fauna including cork trees, cocoa, citrus fruits and coconuts
Manufactured Goods and Major Exports Cork, timber, cocoa, sugar, coconuts, mangos, bananas, fish.
Wealth Below Average
Government Type Anarchy
Government Stability Very unstable - no central government and frequent battles
Allies None
Enemies None
Technology Level Middle Ages
Primary Religion Semorjon
Other Religions Daramis, Karenia, The Three Fates, Kael, Farzak, Drenmoragin
Climate Subtropical
Approximate Land Area 500,000 square kilometers
Arable Land 5%
Terrain Mostly rugged saltwater coastline with steep cliffs and hidden bays. Sandy beaches. Jungle.


The Pirate Isles is more an area where laws and civilized behavior are not found. The Pirate Isles are a chain of over 600 islands and countless islets, inlets and bays stretching from Myria to the Coalition. Many small corsair hideouts, hidden bases and port villages dot these islands. Pirate ships rove in packs and prey on coastal cities, merchant ships and each other.


The Pirate Isles is a large archipelago stretching across the Sea of Chaos from the Coalition to Myria. It is a string of emerald isles ranging from huge mountain straddled land masses to barnacle crusted rocks no bigger than a house. Many of these islands are volcanic, with several active volcanoes among them. Several attempts have been made to map and count all the islands, but no one has ever succeeded. It is estimate that there are over 1,000 islands in this region. Most of the larger islands have been named... many have more than one name. The entire region is very tropical with hot summers and no winter to speak of. Most of the islands are lush and thick with jungle vegetation. Tropical flowers, palm trees, coconuts and fruit are plentiful as well as wild boars, monkeys, snakes and parrots which inhabit many of the islands.

Notable Fauna and Flora

The tropical ecosystem of the isles boasts a spectrum of animals. The local waters are laden with sunfish, black razor fins and tuna. Whales and sharks are common. The beaches and coastlines have dozens of species of crab and jellyfish, including myrtak and erriku. The hot, humid weather supports dungflies, bore worms, qirben and splinter slugs. The larger islands have wild boar, native ekril and even the occasional horrax nest. Some of the local villages are infested with blood roaches. At least one island is home to a large colony of krysalite. On rare occasions, a ship will be destroyed by a megalodon.

Many of the isles are infested with impassable thickets of tuskweed. A few rare death blossom flowers have been encountered as well. Most islands have pineapples, palm trees, cork trees, bananas and coconuts.

The single most notable creature in the Pirate Isles is undoubtedly the dragon Sedrak.


Renegades and outlaws fleeing from Irreni, Traxx and Thullian nations and later other nations grouped here. Through the centuries, many pirates and others fleeing justice took advantage of the naturally rugged terrain and hidden bays to good advantage. It is to lose pursuit, whether at sea or on foot and equally easy to stay hidden. Over time, this area and it’s inhabitants became known simply as the Pirate Isles.


None. Some villages establish some form of law and order, but overall, anarchy is the norm. It is a balance of power between ships and ports, much like Asylum, but on a larger scale and much more diffuse.

Legal System

There is no legal system whatsoever in the Pirate Isles. As in Asylum, justice belongs to the strong.


No organized military. However, every ship and every group has enough strength and weaponry to survive the harsh social environment.


The economy is strong in this area. However, most of this is black market and hit-and-run thievery is common. Merchants steal from other merchants. Quite literally, a cutthroat economy.


Again, the Pirate Isles follow the example of Asylum. Debauchery, prostitution, gambling, alehouses and such are all common. Several semi-organized groups have formed, but often conflict with each other. Some areas have been declared "neutral zones" where no piracy and no armed conflict is allowed. But even these are violated.

A potent and popular drink consumed in large quantities by pirates of the isles is Thundermead. This brew, made from fermented honey and spices, is strongly flavored and has an unusually powerful intoxicating effect. It is widely favored in the southern lands, especially the Drakkellian Alliance and the Pirate Isles. It is chiefly made in Drakkel and exported from there.


The Pirate Isles are completely lawless, so it is no surprise that there are no laws governing magic. Sea mages are common in the isles and mages of other types can be found throughout the region.

Common Names

The Pirate Isles is a cultural melting pot, composed of the peoples of all the surrounding nations - Kalimura, the Drakkellian Alliance, the Coalition, the sea gypsies and other groups. Common names follow the standards of these groups.


Village Name Population Notes
Haven 27,600 Haven consists of a small island and a large city/fortress built into one side of the mountain cliff face. It was founded when a large cargo ship was wrecked upon the coral reefs and the survivors decided to stay and use their cargo to set up a permanent dwelling. The captain of the vessel established a totalitarian government which he now runs more like a business than a city where supplies, safety and entertainment are the main commodities. A small, but well equipped and dedicated peace keeping force protects this island city from internal conflict and external threats. Rogues, bandits and pirates all find solace here, especially when the law is on their tail. Haven is well known by all nations, if only by repute. Several half hearted attempts have been made by Mercia, Drakkel and Kalimura to dislodge this port of villainy, but none have been successful.
Stormrock 14,800 Stormrock is named for the many jutting stony rocks which sit in the water along the coast. These rocks, called Storm Rocks by the locals, are tall and spire shaped, some reaching 30 meters in height. They are scattered far and wide, some sitting a stone's throw from the beaches and others out out sight. Some of the larger rocks contain small caves. Seagulls and other birds nest on them. A large sea cave in one of the big ones is home to a number of seals. These rocks prevent the close approach of ships and allow only the smallest of boats to land at the city. The locals favor the protection that these Storm Rocks afford. Attack from the sea against this town is virtually impossible. The local fishermen use small, agile rowboats and fish a local variety of fish (a large, red type of flounder) which feed on the algae found clinging to the Storm Rocks beneath the waves.
Stewart's Island 12,700 This island is populated by an offshoot of the Pahavi tribe, known for their shamans' healing magic. Several years ago, a kind and respected Kalimuran mediciner named Stewart sent ten of his finest pupils here. Their mission was one of peace, to bring the Kalimuran arts of medicine to the savages and to heal their sick and demonstrate the benefits of modern science. This was to be Stewart's legacy. However, much time passed without any word of his students' progress. He began to worry. Finally, he set off for the island to find out what had happened to them. He was never seen again. The island is now a mix of bandits, brigands, brawlers, pirates and a large population of Pahavi. Interracial births are common and Stewart's Island has become something of a melting pot. This island can be a dangerous place and is relatively lawless. Only brave or foolhardy mariners trade there now.
Cook Harbor 8,300 Cook Harbor is a small but prosperous trading point founded by a small group of retired Drakkellian military officers. Cook Harbor is known for very well built buildings since it is routinely swept by severe storms. About 25% of the town's population is of Myrian decent.
Redwater 7,500 This notorious hive of thieves and villains is known throughout the Sea of Chaos and the southlands. Redwater is a dangerous and violent town filled with pirates, cutthroats, murderers and thieves. It is little more than a collection of docks, brothrels and taverns where pirates fence their stolen goods and drink away their money. There is no law here, no magistrates or courts, no city guards and no government. Tavern brawls and sword fights are a nightly occurance. Bloody corpses are thrown off the dock and into the harbor with alarming frequency. The town gets its name from this practice.
Seven Kegs Floating 1,000 The "Seven Kegs" (as it is usually called) is a well known floating town in the Pirate Isles known for good food and good fights. Originally, this was just a tavern but has grown considerably over the years. This establishment came into being when seven massive ships were lashed together just off of the coast in shallow water and anchored. Through the years, this structure has been rebuilt, modified and expanded. New ships have been added as well. It is now a huge colony ship composed of over 175 individual ships and boats. The original seven ships are still the largest and sit at the center of this conglomeration. The town's population varies from day to day, but it is usually quite crowded at an average of 1,000. The structure now has taverns, inns, guilds, shops and more all crammed aboard in a busy network of decks, planks, bridges, walkways and cabins. It has weathered storms and battles both. In times of need, this gargantuan floating structure can be moved as it still has several operable main masts (although some say the owners have help from a wizard). In fact, the owners try to change their location at least once a year, just to make sure everything still works.

Villages (less than 1,000)

Aejir, Anchor Home, Barbur, Breish, Chematok, Crow's Nest, Dhabi, Isemeer, Ketmai, Mead, Merwara, Munsey, Nafani, Rum, Samar, Umpapa, Ward

Travel and Distance

Due to the nature of the Pirate Isles, all travel is by ship or boat. Every village and town in the Isles is built on the coast and has a port of ships.

Seven Kegs is essentially a floating town and it moves about once a year. Travel times to Seven Kegs will vary depending on its exact location. Below are estimates of travel time to Seven Kegs from Asylum and Drakkel based on its typical locations.

For more information, see the Travel and Distance page.

Route Distance Typical Travel Time by ship
Stewart's Island - Stormrock 508 km 6 days
Stewart's Island - Redwater 536 km 6 days
Stewart's Island - Drakkel 1,465 km 15 days
Stormrock - Redwater 238 km 3 days
Redwater - Haven 971 km 10 days
Stormrock - Haven 843 km 9 days
Redwater - Cook's Harbor 888 km 9 days
Redwater - Lair of Sedrak 424 km 5 days
Haven - Cook's Harbor 372 km 4 days
Cook's Harbor - Firefalls 1,581 km 16 days
Cook's Harbor - Lair of Sedrak 523 km 6 days
Asylum - Seven Kegs Varies 5 to 11 days
Drakkel - Seven Kegs Varies 10 to 16 days


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