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"A wondrous marriage of wood, canvas and rope that dances about the sea."
Galimar, half-elven sea trader of Drakkel

"Nothing floats forever"
- Caemas Thaoric , Corsair of the Sea of Chaos and
the only person exiled from Seven Kegs

"I wish they'd stop moving it..."
Thayge Erodon, Captain of the Fat Dog


The "Seven Kegs" (as it is usually called) is a well known floating town in the Pirate Isles known for good food and good fights. It is, quite literally, a floating city. It has anchored some 200 kilometers out to sea. It owes allegiance to no foreign kingdom and governs itself completely independently. Most mariners in the south seas are familiar with Seven Kegs. 

Seven Kegs is a rough and lawless town where getting into a scrap with pirates and fisherman is an easy thing to do. Most people in Seven Kegs carry a weapon and know how to use it. It's not a place for the timid or weak. 


This establishment came into being when a sea storm severely damaged a convoy of seven great ships. With their masts broken and sails in tatters, they were unable to return to land. Two of the ships were sinking. To survive, all seven ships were lashed together. Water and supplies were shared. The structure drifted for days. Having survived the worst storm seen in over a century, the seven captains believed that Semorjon had spared them for a reason. They made a pact that they were never return to dry land. 

Through the years, this structure has been rebuilt, modified and expanded. New ships have been added as well. It is now a huge colony ship composed of over 70 individual boats. The original seven ships are still the largest and sit at the center of this conglomeration.

The Structure of Seven Kegs

Seven Kegs is a massive sprawling complex of floating pieces all lashed together. The structure now has taverns, inns, guilds, shops and more all crammed aboard a busy network of decks, planks, bridges, walkways and cabins. Numerous docks and floating platforms are attached as well. In total, there is about 40,000 square meters of deck space for the population to move about on.

Despite its piecemeal, evolutionary development, the Seven Kegs is remarkably sturdy. The structure has weathered storms and battles both. In times of need, this gargantuan floating structure can be moved as it still has many operable main masts on many of the newer ships (although some say the owners have help with magic). In fact, the owners try to change their location at least once a year, just to make sure everything still works.


The town's population varies from day to day, but it is usually quite crowded at an average of 1,000 people. It consists mostly of fishermen, mariners, prostitutes and a miscellany of other salty dregs. Pelicans, seagulls and other birds are a common enough sight. Several dozen cats and dogs run about the decks and platforms. Several dozen chickens provide fresh eggs. And one of the taverns has a pair of cows on board for fresh milk.

Although Seven Kegs has a reputation as being a rough and tumble frontier town, it is not quite as dangerous a place as mariners tales would make it out to be. The people of Seven Kegs are generally a likeable bunch. The town has a real sense of community.  They have a very relaxed outlook on life. There are no formal laws or courts here. Only an unwritten agreement between neighbors that everyone helps out everyone. Tavern brawls and shipboard scuffles are common. But serious trouble makers are not tolerated here and will be hung by an angry mob if necessary.

Once a month, the Seven Kegs holds a great Sea Festival. It is something of a tradition throughout the Sea of Chaos and many ships will arrive in the days prior to the festival to partake in the activities. All manner of trade is conducted between sea captains, exotic cargoes from distant ports are unloaded and sold. Wild parties rage long into the night.

The number 7 is considered lucky among the people of Seven Kegs.

Important People of Seven Kegs Floating

Captain Tal Cirakoth, Political Leader

Cirakoth is the last of the original seven captains whose ships formed the foundation of the Seven Kegs. This town has no official government body, but Cirakoth holds the unofficial title of Mayor. He does what he can to oversee the day to day operations of the town. He is a well-liked and respected leader. Cirakoth is a rugged human male with a lean frame and a weather beaten face. He is clean shaven with neatly trimmed grey hair. 

Garek, Constable Lawkeeper

Although there is no formal police force, Garek holds the title of "Constable". He is responsible for keeping the peace, somewhat like a bouncer... only his tavern includes a 1000 rowdy patrons. Garek is a full blooded ogre with a long history of combat experience. He fought in the Demon War years ago (some say for Duthelm). In any case, he wields a massive blade that most people can't even lift. He is aided by a pair of henchmen, Manx and Telburt. The trio are all good fighters and can usually handle anything that comes up. Although bar fights are a common occurrence, there is little need for a militia here.

Manx, Deputy Lawkeeper

Manx is a half orc warrior who escaped a life of arena combat several years ago only to be captured in Ormek and put to work on a ship. When that ship docked, a tavern brawl gone bad killed the ship's captain and provided Manx with an opportunity to leave the ship's crew. He decided to stay with Seven Kegs. Manx is a heavily muscled half-orc with numerous scars and tattoos. He has a deep, guttural growl of a voice.

Telburt, Deputy Lawkeeper

A good archer with a knack of bowfishing. (A special kind of fishing that involves firing trident arrows with string attached to skewer and reel in fish). Telburt is a tall, lanky human of the southern breed. He has green eyes, a mop of curly blonde hair and a strong, square jaw. He fights on deck with a two handed sword.  He typically wears no armor other than a leather jacket over his dirty wool shirt. He wears a shark tooth on a leather strap about his neck and a gold earring in his left ear, as is the south sea's mariner tradition.

Bowden, Engineer and Craftsmen

Bowden is s skilled craftsmen who oversees the day to day repairs of the huge floating colony. He is well-known throughout Seven Kegs and beyond. Most mariners in the Sea of Chaos have heard of him. He is an unshakeable nonchalance, no matter the situation. Bowden appears as an aging human male of short stature and slim frame. He wears wire-rimmed Kalimuran spectacles that are always sliding to the end of his nose. He has a bushy grey mustache that matches his bushy mop of grey hair. 

Dristlor, Tavern Owner

A retired halfling thief who now owns and runs the largest tavern in Seven Kegs, the Rogue Wave.  Dristlor isn't entirely retired, however. There is no organized thieves guild here (Seven Kegs is too small a community to support one). But what little "underworld" activity occurs in town usually has something to do with Dristlor. For instance, he will hide a runaway for a price or find a buyer for a stolen item. Dristlor is a cunning business man and runs several fixed games in his gambling hall.

Captain Garigax, Retired Naval Officer from Drakkel

Captain Garigax (he insists on people giving him proper respect with the title) is a bitter old man who keeps to himself and his whiskey. He is usually drunk and grumpy. He is immensely fat with a haggard beard, long stringy hair and a generally unkempt appearance, He wears the uniform from his old days, although now it is rumpled and torn. He is quite often in a bad mood and will snap at people to be left alone. When the mood strikes him, he will entertain anyone who listens with tall tales of his sailing days when he captained a ship. He claims to have visited all three continents and brought back a hundred stories and more. He will spin yarns of terrible sea serpents, cannibalistic tribes, great castles made of iron and a sea of ash and lava.  Garigax has a fat cat named Tempest that is always with him. He doesn't like the sea mage and calls him a mad witch doctor.

Paedweg, The Sea Mage

Paedweg is something of an enigma on Seven Kegs. He is a myrian spell caster, a primitive tribal witch doctor of sorts. He babbles nonsensically to himself and argues with spirits. The locals believe he is quite mad and leave him to his ramblings. They say he talks to the wind and gossips with the sea. But none can deny his magic. Paedweg can predict the weather, summon storms, calm an angry sea and part the clouds. He will sometimes change himself into a seagull and vanish for days. He swims often, talking with dolphins and eating raw fish. 

He is a filthy little man with long nails, wild, stringy black hair and a shaggy unkempt beard. He dresses in tattered rags and decorates himself with bone jewelry. He talks  to a dead crab that he carries with him everywhere. Paedweg greatly fears dwarves and calls them "little devils of the deep land". 

Shops and Guilds

Name Owner/Operator Description
The Rogue Wave Dristlor Inn/Tavern/Gambling Hall - It is a large establishment with a central gambling hall, a large common room and many private rooms. This is often a stop for mariners, pirates, etc. Tosadds has been known to stop by from time to time.
Salidar's Shoppe of Curios Salidar Apothecary and Magic Shop - Although there is little in the way of magic in Seven Kegs, this is one small establishment where one may find certain exotic items. It is run by Salidar, a doddering old sorcerer who knows just enough magic to make himself useful and protect his interests. His shop is an odd mixture of apothecary and library. One may purchase herbs here, request that a potion be brewed, have magic items identified, purchase fine glasswork (which Salidar makes himself) or possibly sell a magic item. Salidar has a good collections of books and maps, the only such collection in town.
Jegorin's Iron Shop Jegorin Smithy - This is the only smithy in Seven Kegs. Jegorin is a squat little man with a pudgy belly and a balding scalp. He does decent work, but is always in need of metal and other raw materials. He does mostly repair work, but can craft new items on commission.
The Blushing Mackerel Lethiana Brothel - A very busy little whore house where mariners are sure to stop and spend their fortune. Run by a madam named Lethiana. Employs five girls.
The Seatrader's Post Branyth and Faregan Trading Post/General Store - Run by two brothers, human. They employ three goblin slaves (Grix, Drel and Pytar) for most menial labor. It's a very disorganized store, little more than a floating warehouse of junk and knickknacks. But they do seem to find whatever is needed. The two brothers are first in line to haggle over cargoes and interesting items when a new ship arrives.
The Shipwright's Shoppe Teradus Ship Yard/Boat Repair - Run by a shipwright named Teradus, his wife Gwelith and his four sons. This small ship yard does mostly repairs, but also manufactures small boats. Bowden can often be found here, either trading for parts and supplies or helping out with a repair job.
Flotsam Bakery Nora Bakery/Tavern - Nora is a plump, elderly woman who mothers the mariners and laborers of Seven Kegs. She runs a small bakery, making her own bread, pies and pastries. She makes meat filled pastries by the score which many of the carpenters purchase and take out with them for the work day. Nora's daughter, Jessika, serves meals in the small dining room.

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