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The Rukemian Vigil

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Imperial soldiers, officers, spies, wizards, sages and guards
Number of Members 740
Demographics Human 60%, Grum 15%, Dwarven 15%, Elven 5%, Other 1%

Primary Location(s)



General Trallain, Human male military officer
Year Founded 2188 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Very Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The Vigil is the name of the Imperial group which performs a variety of intelligence, security and clandestine operations throughout the Rukemian Empire. This highly secretive and well funded government group has field agents that monitor activities within the empire and in nearby lands.

In addition to stationed agents, the Vigil utilizes mobile teams and agents for special projects. The Vigil is primarily concerned with maintaining security within the Empire, monitoring activities along borders and within other nations and preventing assassination attempts on imperial leaders.


The Vigil was formed in 2188 CY by Murahan Thurin, the fifth emperor of Rukemia. The group was formed as a direct result of an incident in which a Duthelm assassin ran amuck amongst the nobility of the empire, killing at will. A conscript of soldiers was sent out to stop him, but they were unable to stop the assassin. Most times, they would arrive too late and find only bodies (including the bodies of their own guards). A small group of the emperor’s finest warriors and wizards were quickly assembled and sent out. Using a combination of spell, stealth and martial prowess, the assassin was eventually tracked, captured and killed. Although the empire was ultimately successful, this series of events made it clear to the emperor that the traditional military was ill equipped for clandestine operations. Thus, he formed a separate group that would be the unseen arm of the imperial government.

Goals and Motivation

As the covert and separate division of the military, the Vigil has some measure of autonomy and freedom. They have a generous budget and the support of the emperor himself. This group is a sophisticated branch of the government designed for work both subtle and precise. They excel in delicate operations in which the main imperial military would prove too unwieldy. It is this group that is called upon for any job that is too small, too delicate or too critical to trust to the military. In the past, the Vigil has been called upon to perform covert surveillance of the Citadel, assassinations, man hunts, tracking missions and a wide variety of other odd tasks. The Vigil is nothing if not adaptable.

Although the Vigil maintains a network of agents which spans much of eastern Ithria, the group’s primary target is Duthelm. Unknown to the masses, Duthelm and Rukemia are entrenched in a cold war of spies and espionage. Kitar is often caught in the middle and is likely a haven for spies of both sides.

Allies and Enemies

The Vigil is a well funded imperial agency and enjoys support from both the imperial government and military. The Vigil is often seen as "above" the standard military due to their secretive nature and specialized training.


Most members of the Vigil are former imperial military officers. Those military personnel that show great potential are tested and, if judged worthy, asked to join the Vigil. On rare occasions, an outsider (such as an ogre defector from Duthelm or a Baenite sorcerer with specialized knowledge) will be invited to join. In any case, the Vigil screens potential members very carefully.

Oaths and Codes

All new members swear an oath before General Trallain and the other ranking members of the Vigil. In this oath, the individual pledges himself, body and spirit, to a lifetime of service to the empire. In addition, each member gives a sample of blood and hair for use in tracking spells and such.

Rank Structure

The Vigil has a hierarchical structure based on geography and rank. Solo agents and small teams stationed within an area will all secretly report to a single "area leader". These groups usually do not know any other members in their area, only the leader. The area leader will report (often with the aid of a magical item) to a regional leader who, in turn, reports to Vigil headquarters in Aridorn. Information among members, especially the identity of other members, is kept closely guarded to prevent security leaks.




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