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Armor is any form of protective physical device - bucklers, shields, suits of armor, helmets, gauntlets and similar items. Certain clothing items which are abnormally armored (armored boots, for instance) might fall into this category.

Name Description
Bone Shield A necromantic shield made of the bones of fallen demons.
Dragon Slayer's Helm A great winged helm fashioned from dragon scales.
Elvish Plant Armor A form of living armor.
Guardian Shield A shield that projects a night time guardian.
Gynfeld's Visor A visor that enhances vision magically.
Kerlian's War Gauntlets A pair of indestructible gauntlets.
Mallagar's Shield A shield that emits light.
Ring of the Shield A suit of armor you wear on your finger.
Shadow Armor The ultimate stealth suit for any thief.
Skilvar's Mind Ward A claw shaped helmet that shields the mind.
Spell Eater A magnificent shield that protects the wielder from magic.
Storm Shield A shield that protects from the elements.


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