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Dragonslayer's Helm

Other Names None
Category Armor
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This helmet is instantly recognizably by its craftsmanship. It is fashioned from the bones of a dragon and covered in green dragon scales. The sides are flanked by wings fashioned from the leather and scales of a dragon's wing. This helmet completely covers the head.


In the year 684 CY, in the decadent last years of the Irenni League, the Baron Falodus Kair, ruler of the city of Ithoden, was battling orcish hordes and away from home. While he and his greatest knights were away, the rogue dragon Arggallorex attacked Ithoden city. The baroness and her daughter were caught out in the open and attacked by the dragon in the main courtyard. The daughter was killed and the baroness gravely wounded. Soldiers battled the dragon and dragged the Baroness to safety. Many were killed before the dragon was finally driven off. When message reached the Baron, he raced home. He arrived in time to hold the Baroness one last time as she died in his arms. He buried his two loved ones in the courtyard where they had been attacked.

Mad with grief, he called back his greatest wizards and knights from the war and ordered them to accompany him as they set forth to hunt the beast. The group was led by their greatest warrior, Sukainnar. It took them many days of pursuit to track and finally corner the beast. With spells and arrows and wagon mounted siege weapons, they brought the beast down. Seventeen knights died in the battle, but the beast was slain. The final death stroke was delivered by Sukainarr himself.

The Baron's lust for vengeance was not quenched. He ordered his chief wizard, the Archmage Yodus, to fashion for him a weapon against all dragonkind. From the skin, scales and bones of the dragon's corpse, Yodus created the Dragon Slayer's Helm. The Baron gave the helm to Sukainnar and they began a quest to rid the world of dragons.

The baron's quest was expensive and soon he had emptied the town's coffers. In less than five years, the town of Ithoden was a shadow of its former self. Opposed by starving peasants and unpaid soldiers, the baron was driven from the town. Not long after, Sukainnar was slain while battling the dragon known as Mallath. Baron Kair was never seen again and it was widely believed that, in his madness, he went to retrieve the helm and was also slain by Mallath.

What became of the Dragon Slayers Helm from that time on is lost to history. It was rumored to have survived among orcish tribes in the Dragonclaw Mountains two centuries later, but this cannot be confirmed. It seems to have made its way west and was last rumored to be in the hands of an avarian noble who kept it in his trophy room.


Besides offering excellent protection, this helmet has the following functions:

  1. The wearer of this helmet can "sense" the presence of a dragon. A vague impression of distance, direction is given as well as a general impression of the size and strength of the beast. The wearer can also sense creatures that are similar to dragons (firedrakes, drakonar, etc).

  2. The wearer shares an empathic bond with any dragon within a half a league. When the wearer concentrates, he or she can sense the beast's general feelings and rudimentary thoughts.

  3. The helmet offers complete protection from a dragon's fiery breath. Whosoever dons this great helm can walk through fire unscathed. The protection extends to everything worn and carried as well.

  4. The helmet conforms dragon senses to the user. The wearer has a greatly heightened sense of smell, as a dragon does. He also has night vision as a dragon.

Drellis Effect Response

During a Drellis stellar phase, all functions operate at about half power (DM's discretion).


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