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Bone Shield of Arakus

Other Names None
Category Armor
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This shield is fashioned for the blackened bones of a greater demon. The bones, all charred black, are fused together in a macabre web. The bone shield reeks of burning flesh.


Centuries ago, the great paladin Arakus ventured into Hell to do battle with the minions of Evil. It is said he fashioned this shield from the bones of fallen demons and one of his servants, a powerful priest of Barrinor, enchanted them. Upon his death, one of his loyal shield bearers carried the shield back to Khoras and gave it to the Church of Barrinor. In 2019 CY, it was stolen from the Church. It was last seen in 2430 CY in the hands of an orcish chieftain in the Dragon Claw Mountains. In the last five centuries, it's whereabouts are unknown. The Church of Barrinor considers this shield to be a holy relic and still seeks to retrieve it.


If this shield is worn or carried, the wielder is completely unharmed and unaffected by any form of necromantic magic, or any spell cast by a demon or devil. The shield bearer cannot be touched by any demon or devil that has been summoned to the prime material plane.

The stench of this shield is that of burning demon flesh and the very smell of it will drive lesser demons and devils away and keep them at bay. When ordered to do so, the shield itself can unfold a great bony arm and wield a weapon (or fight with bony claws) giving the shield bearer additional attacks. The bony arm can likewise block enemy attacks.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect and will function normally during any stellar phase.


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