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Ring of the Shield

Other Names Shield Ring
Category Jewelry
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This ring is a wide band of pure mithril. It has no inscriptions or decoration of any kind.


Unknown. Undoubtedly created during the Great War by either the Thullian Empire or the Traxx Legion.


When the wearer thinks or utters anything which resembles a plea for defense (defend, shields, protect, resist, etc.), the ring will activate. When activated, a suit of finely crafted armor will spring into being, simply growing about the wearer’s body in matter of seconds. This suit of armor is mithril, very tough and includes boots, gauntlets and a great helm. The helm has no visor or eyes slights, but the wearer can see out clearly. The suit is quite heavy and limits the dexterity and agility of the wearer. In addition : It is sealed and filters out air, so the wearer is immune to gases and can operate under water. The visor will automatically darken to protect the wearer from sudden or bright lights.

The armor will grow around clothing and cover it. If the user was already wearing some type of bulky armor, the ring will not function.

This magical armor can be activated and deactivated at will, but will function no more than a total of one hour per day.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by the Drellis effect. Functions normally during all phases.




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