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Other Names Bone Breaker
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This weapon is a long, slender, single-edged blade that is slightly curved. The entire weapon - blade, cross guard, handle and pommel - is fashioned for a single piece of bone. The handle is wrapped in black leather. The cross guard and pommel are intricately carved. 


The history of this blade is more rumor and legend than anything and it's creation has been attributed to a number of spell casters. The story holds that  this weapon was crafted by a Drakkellian wizard, half crazed when his entire family was slaughtered by a group of undead, when traveling on a long journey home. Details of the story vary. Some say that a rival summoned undead to kill the wizard, but that he escaped and they were only able to kill his family. It is likely that none will ever know the truth.


This weapon is designed for one purpose and one purpose only - to destroy undead.

  1. Against undead, this weapon does tremendous damage.
  2. The wielder of this blade is immune to energy drain and any other special attacks of any undead creature.
  3. Undead cannot regenerate wounds caused by this blade.
  4. Wounds caused by this blade against undead creatures will continue to cause damage as the wound spreads.
  5. Any undead creature killed by this weapon will burst into flames and be reduced to ash, never to rise again.

This weapon is completely non-magical against a living creature.

This weapon is enchanted such that it is extremely resistant to damage and breakage. It is much stronger than steel and it would require a fantastic blow to shatter it.

Drellis Effect Response

This sword is unaffected by the stellar phases.



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