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Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This magnificent blade is a long slender, single edged blade with a slight scimitar-like curve. It is forged of a bright silvery metal that sparkles and the hilt is bound in tightly wound green leather and trimmed in ornate bands of gold


This weapon is believed to be the product of Elisarias, a powerful elven wizard and master bladesmith from Cyrell. Elisarias produced many finely crafted, enchanted blades, but this is considered his master piece. It was forged as a wedding gift for a clan noble in Normidia. It passed down through several generations before finding its way into grumman lands where it was wielded by a dwargrum merchant named Leftfoot the Lucky for almost half a century. On his deathbed, Leftfoot bequethed it to a nephew who promptly lost it in a card game to a riverboat captain. It was last seen in the Great Padashan Empire in the hands of a young nobleman.


This powerfully enchanted sword is light and well balanced. Its magic allows it to strike true and bite deep on almost every swing. The wielder will prove dextrous and nimble while carrying it. Furthermore, those fighting the wielder of this blade will find their weapons missing the target quite often. Generally speaking, the wielder of this blade will be unusually lucky, especially in combat.

The weapons single greatest function can only be used once per day. With a mere thought, the wielder of this weapon can unravel the threads of time and reweave them. In other words, he can reverse time in the local area a few seconds. This will effect all things and people within about one thousand paces. The wielder alone is aware of the fact that time has been rewound. All others in the area of effect will not be aware that anything has happened. Observers outside of the area of effect will simply see things change, in an instant, to what they were just a few seconds before. This is enough time to undo a single mistake or redo a single action. With a few seconds of fore knowledge, the wielder can choose a different path. This function can only be used if the sword is being held and can only be used once per day.

Drellis Effect Response

The "lucky" nature of the blade will function normally during any stellar phase. However, it's main power, the time reverse ability, will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.



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