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Skull Mace

Other Names None
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This weapon appears as a shaft of solid bone topped by a fanged, humanoid skull. Overall length is 1.3 meters and it is very heavy.




This item is enchanted as follows :

1. The mace can fire a shard of bone every few seconds which is an effective projectile weapon and strikes with great force.

2. Open command, the skull mace will turn into an animated skeletal humanoid that will serve the wielder to the best of its ability. It is of low intelligence and cannot communicate, but it can understand language and will follow simple instructions.

3. The skull mace can be thrown at an opponent and it will automatically transform into the above mentioned skeleton and attack until destroyed or the target is killed. It then returns to its master and its mace form.

4. Once per day, the skull atop the shaft can emit a tremendous shriek of sound which will stun all nearby opponents and cause fragile items to shatter.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.



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