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Horgash the Orc Cleaver

Other Names -
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This finely wrought weapon is a broad, single edged, single handed blade.


Originally forged some 300 years ago in Vorrik for use against the orcish hordes of the Northern Tusk mountains. Who forged it and for whom is disputed.


This weapon has little magic about it normally. However, when used against an orc, the weapon becomes light and agile and eager to bite deep. Its magic guides the blade to strike quickly and accurately. It is also vampiric against orcs. Half of the damage inflicted on the orcish target is bestowed on the wielder  (if and only if the wielder is human) as restorative (healing) magic. If the blade strikes a critical hit and kills the orc on that hit, it absorbs the orcís life force and bestows a permanent boost of vitality upon the wielder (again, only if the wielder is human).

Drellis Effect Response

This blade will function normally in all stellar phases.



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