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Other Names The Dragon Blade
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This magnificent blade is forged of steel mixed with powdered dragon bone. The hilt and handle are carved from a single dragon claw, black as night and hard as diamond. Its name is inscribed in the blade in the ancient tongue of Traxxi.


This weapon was forged by Trengar the Wrathful, a powerful war mage and duke who served the Traxx Legion. He was one of the last duke's of the Legion and fought in the Traxxian civil war in the 7th century. His duchy might have prevailed over all others had his small realm not been plagued by a dragon. It is believed he forged this blade so that his greatest warrior could lead his knights to kill the beast. The battle took place in 799 CY. The dragon, however, defeated the knights. The lost of a significant portion of his army led to the downfall of his duchy. Trengar himself was last seen riding out toward the dragon's lair. He was never seen again.

The sword was thought lost for centuries. However, a blade that made its wielder impervious to fire was found in the cave of a goblin tribe in 1492 CY. It was claimed by the paladin Vetremius the Unblemished, a knight serving the Drakkellian Alliance. He wielded it for years until his death in 1527 CY, when it passed to his squire, Delwin. Delwin was later knighted, but defeated by a trio of trolls in the Sentinel Mountains. It was recovered from the trolls thirty years later by Baldran the Troll Slayer, another Drakkellian Knight. It then passed from knight to squire and so on for more than four centuries.

It was last held by Sigmar the Stout, a knight serving Garrison in the mid 21st century. When Thulkus the Serpent King led his army to march upon Garrison in 2085 CY, Sigmar was in Garrison when it came under siege. He was among hundreds of others that died in the final battle when Garrison was finally breached. The sword is reputed to have been claimed by one of the chief lieutenants of Thulkus.

Twenty four years later, when Sir Pralus the White Knight led the forces of good to reclaim Garrison from the horde, the sword was seen in the battle. However, after a fierce 5 day battle, it was not found among the bodies. Many hundreds of orcs, ogres and saurians escaped and fled the battle on the last day. It is likely one of them was carrying it.

The current whereabouts of the infamous dragon blade are unknown.


This enchanted sword has the following functions:

The blade of this sword is always warm to the touch and its edge is always sharp.

Any wound that this sword makes upon a reptile of any kind (including dragons and saurians) cannot be healed except by powerful healing magic.

As long as the hilt is grasped, the wielder can not be burned, not even by dragon's breath.

When held, the sword can be commanded to ignite its blade in flame. The fiery blade provides both heat and light. The fire does extra damage and can be used to ignite combustibles. The blade will burn continuously until commanded to stop or until the sword is dropped or sheathed.

Once per day, the blade can “drink and spit fire”. The blade can be plunged into any source of fire and "drink" the flame. It will absorb the flame, consuming it completely. It will hold that fire within the blade for up to 24 hours. While holding fire within, the runes glow brightly. Upon command, the sword can unleash the fire it has drunk, spraying out a stream of fire in the direction of the blade. The amount of flame and distance of the fiery stream will vary depending on how much fire the blade "drank". This power can even be used to absorb a portion of a dragon's fiery blast.

If the blade is commanded to drink flame, but that flame is not released within 24 hours, it will begin to randomly and spontaneously ignite and spit fire every few minutes, until it has depleted the held fire.

If not "fed" fire, at least once per week, the blade will begin to grow cold and eventually the sword will become dormant. When dormant, it will appear as a mundane and non-magical sword. The runes will fade and the sword will even rust. However, if it is plunged into fire at any time, it will drink the fire and the sword will blaze back to life, returning to its normal appearance and regaining all magical functions.

Drellis Effect Response

Unaffected by stellar phases.



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