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Athaldrin, the Light of Arradin

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Category Weapon
Magical Strength Strong

Physical Description

This magnificent broadsword has Chaddamarian (Arradan) runes along the length of the blade. It reads "By the light of Arradan be thy demons vanquished". This blade is trimmed in silver, gold and white marble.


This weapon was crafted for a general in the Chaddamarian military named Jarkus in the year 2423 CY. He used it against Horde creatures on Garreon's Wall and against undead monstrosities created by renegade necromancers. It has been passed down through the generations, always serving the Church of the Chaddamar.


This weapon detects the presence of undead and demons, necromantic spells, dark energy and extraplanar portals in the area. It can shed light upon command. Against demons, undead and constructs, it causes tremendous damage. Only a worshiper of the Chaddamar can wield this blade. All of its command words must be spoken in the Arradan language. Properly uttered commands can heal the wielder of damage, emit a blinding beam of light that kills demons and launch bolts of fiery energy. If thrust in the ground, it will, upon command, erect a spherical force field 50 feet in diameter which undead, demons, constructs and similar creatures cannot enter. 

Drellis Effect Response

This blade is strongest in the light of Karrym and weakened by the Drellis effect. (Exact effect is DM's discretion).

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