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Bone Crusher

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Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

Bone Crusher is the name of a massive hammer which is fashioned from a single, solid piece of bone. Bone Crusher is fully 2 meters long with a large head and thick shaft. It requires a strong man to lift it. The head of the hammer is fashioned into likeness of two screaming demonic skulls, each facing away from the other.


The history of this weapon is obscure at best. Some tales state that Barulda himself fashioned this weapon for his most faithful high priest many centuries ago and that the weapon has since been handed down with the title. However, this weapon has been seen in the hands of different warriors throughout the south lands, especially the Coalition. Those that see it used in battle do not forget it.   


This terrifying weapon has the following enchantments:

  1. When used in battle, the wielder of this hammer will enter a berserker frenzy of battle rage and will be unable to cease fighting or retreat. He becomes possessed of great strength and is immune to mind affecting spells. He will froth at the mouth, bleed from the nose and become a raging animal, completely beyond mercy or reason. All sanity flees. The duration of the effect varies depending on the strength and fortitude of the wielder. Stronger men will withstand the effect longer. Once the wielder has exhausted himself, the frenzy ends and he will collapse unconscious for an amount of time equal to the frenzy.
  2. While in battle, the hammer will unleash a horrific sound that has been described as "the torment of souls' and the screaming of demons. 
  3. This hammer inflicts terrible crushing damage with each strike. Wounds inflicted by this weapon are enchanted such that they cannot be healed by curative magic.

Drellis Effect Response

This hammer is unaffected by stellar phases.



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