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Other Names Tirian's Bane
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Minor

Physical Description

This arrow alters its physical appearance from time to time and may be found in any form. It has appeared as a dart, bolt, arrow and ballista bolt. It often appears as a well-crafted weapon of a unique design and beautiful workmanship. Somewhere on it will an ancient rune which means "betrayal".


It is thought that this weapon was created during the Great War, but no one is sure. This weapon has a distinctive magical aura. Any mage who studies this weapon’s energy signature will recognize it if he or she is familiar with this weapon’s history or ancient arcane lore. This weapon has passed through hundreds of owners. It is often claimed after a battle or raid, plucked from the back of an archer. Countless times has it been bought, fired, found and sold again. It is sometimes called Tirian's Bane after its first victim whose name was Tirian, according to legend.


The primary function of this weapon is to slayer the person who fires it. Once fired, this projectile will arc in mid-flight and return to its launch point and hit the archer, often from behind. In this respect, Backbiter exhibits pseudo-intelligence.

Backbiter never misses, but can be outrun (maybe) or blocked. Backbiter will terminate the chase once it has been blocked or has traveled beyond its maximum range (500 meters from its launch point).

Backbiter often alters its appearance whenever it detects projectile weaponry nearby. It often, but not always, duplicates other projectile weaponry exactly so as to be mistaken for the other weaponry.

Drellis Effect Response

Will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.



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