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Iron Viper Arrow

Other Names Steelfang, Heartseeker
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This long arrow is fashioned entirely from iron. The shaft is a single hollow tube of iron. The fletching is formed from hundreds of tiny iron woven strands. The head of this arrow is a complex multi-bladed thing consisting of eight large and eight small blades, each razor sharp. The blades of the head of this arrow are fashioned to mimic the likeness of the head of a snake.


This arrow is one of a set of twelve identical arrows believed to have been fashioned by Histulu, the blind mage archer of Kytohan centuries before the Sundering.  It is unknown how many of the original twelve have survived to the present age. Several of these arrows were used during against the Holus Barbarians and some have surfaced over the centuries during various raids and skirmishes. It is rumored that there are only three left, although this is purely speculation. No one knows for sure.


When fired from a bow, this arrow has slice through the air with a much greater than normal chance of striking true. If it impacts a warm blooded creature, the complex bladed head will animate and begin to "chew" its way through the flesh of the victim, heading toward the heart. Depending on the size of the creature and the location of the hit, it will take between 5 and 30 seconds to chew its way to the heart, causing pain and damage every second. Once their, the arrow will devour the heart. It can be pulled out, but this action requires a fair amount of strength and causes additional damage to the victim.

The magical properties of this arrow will only work against warm blooded creatures. Against any other type of creature (cold blooded, artificial, undead, etc) it will simply function as a normal arrow, in flight and upon impact.

This arrow can be re-used. Its magic does not dissipate after use. However, it can only be used once per day.

Drellis Effect Response

This arrow will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase.

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