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Shredder Grenade

Other Names -
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

An iron sphere the size of a large apple with a number of hooks sprouting from it.


This weapon was invented during the Great War. It is believed the first shredders were created by the Traxxian League. Original ten were created and they were used and lost during the War. Since then, the design has been copied. It is not known how many now exist. Dozens, possibly more. But they are found infrequently.


This device is meant to be thrown. Upon impact, the hooks fire out open long barbed and hooked chains. The sphere then begins to spin. The hooked chains animate and whip about like frenzied tentacles, ripping and shredding everything within 5 meters. This horrific little device was meant to tear apart a crowd of men. The device will spin for about 15 seconds at which point its energy is expended. The chains will retract and the device cannot be used again for a day.

Drellis Effect Response

During a Drellis phase, this device will not recharge and can not be reused until the end of the Drellis phase. During a Karrym phase, the device will recharge in only 12 hours.



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