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Other Names None
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This odd looking weapon appears as the crosshilt, handle and pommel of a two-handed sword. It does not, however have a blade. It is fashioned from silvery metal with gold trim..


Unknown. Although some speculate it may have been created by the same sorcerer that created Wintershard.


When the handle of this blade is firmly grasped, the user can cause a fiery blade to erupt from the hilt simply by willing it. The shape and length of the blade can be controlled mentally. The blade is composed of real fire. It flickers, smokes and consumes oxygen. It radiates intense heat. The blade will be extinguished if plunged into water. The blade is very fast and agile as it has no true mass or weight. The weapon has the following qualities and abilities...

  1. This sword does triple damage against arctic creatures (or any creature used to a very cold environment) and quadruple damage against creatures actually composed of ice (such as an ice golem).
  2. The blade will ignite combustibles on contact.
  3. This blade does burn damage with every strike rather than slashing damage.
  4. Whenever this blade strikes true and bites deep, it will case the victim to burst into flames.
  5. This sword can carve through ice as easily as if it were soft snow.

Drellis Effect Response

This weapon functions normally during all stellar phases.



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