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Elm Slayer

Other Names None
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This wickedly curved scimitar is beautifully decorated. Its wooden handle is smooth and unadorned. Its pommel is a large dark brown thorn. The silver hilt and cross guard are carved into the likeness of leaves, branches and thorns. The blade is long and curved. The word, Elm Slayer, runs down the length of both blade faces.


Scholar's believe that this weapon was forged during the centuries following the Great War as a weapon that would aid in clearing trails through wetlands and forests. It was recovered by a small mercenary company while traveling the Barakose Swamp. This weapon was later sold to an arms dealer in the Drakkellian Alliance. It has since disappeared.


This weapon is enchanted as follows : If held by a nature lover, that person suffers electrical damage. If held by a spirited huntsman, it heals upon initial contact. It can only do this once per day. If held by any one else, it acts as normal weapon. If used against any plant life form, Elm Slayer becomes a white hot blade which disrupts cells. Elm Slayer can detect all manner of plant life forms within a 100' radius. (Type, number, direction, distance, etc.). This blade is sentient and evil. Elm Slayer dislikes all vegetation and will empathically plead with its master to always slay all intelligent plant life forms, regardless of the odds. Elm Slayer will be completely cooperative if its master also hates nature and plant life forms. If ever Elm Slayer should oppose its master it can inflict damage. This is rare though.

Drellis Effect Response

This blade will not function during a Drellis dominant stellar phase. During that phase, it appears to be a non-magical, mundane blade.



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