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Other Names Chilldeath, Flame Eater
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Average

Physical Description

This long sword, of blue steel, coated in a thin sheath of frost and ice. Icy vapor continually rolls off of the blade.


This magnificent blade was carved from iron mined from beneath a might glacier in the Shard Mountains. It was forged for the mighty general Korun of the Kytohan Empire and ensorcelled by the dread mage Akxul. Upon the death of General Korun, the blade was claimed on the battle field by Ortaka, chieftain of the Holus Barbarians. Ortaka held it for at least three years before he was killed by a shard mountain troll. Wintershard was later found in the troll's lair when it was slain by Hydian, the ranger. Hydian later lost the blade during a caravan raid. It did not surface again until 2200 CY when Lord Bulgar of the Aukarian House Perang took it from the hand of a slain bogling chieftain in the Kalanos Marshes. It was later given as a gift to Duke Kaimar of the Chaddamar Theocracy.

It was last seen in the possession of Duke Kaimar, when that paladin and his company rode through the village of Trumbull on their way to slay the dragon Verraximaul. Kaimar and his company of forty knights were wiped out. It is believed by most that Wintershard lies in the lair of that wyrm, among the glittering treasure horde.


This item is enchanted as follows :

1. This sword does triple damage against flame using creatures and quadruple damage against creatures actually composed of flame.

2. The blade will freeze any liquid solid on contact.

3. Does additional cold damage against any foe with every strike.

4. Whenever this blade strikes true and bites deep, it will encase the victim in solid ice. This does not kill the victim outright, but does put them in a state of shock... a sort of temporary suspended animation. Unless thawed out and revived, the victim will die within minutes. The longer the victim is left frozen, the less likely it is that they will survive the thawing process.

5. This sword can carve through ice as easily as if it were soft snow.

6. While holding this blade, the wielder is immune to normal fire and is highly resistant to magical flames or extremely high temperature fires (such as dragon's breath).

7. One per day a special function can be activated: by speaking the name of the blade aloud, the blade will begun to hum and start drawing all heat into it. This will plummet the temperature in the area. This will cause cold damage to all creatures within 50 feet or so. Anything in contact with the blade will freeze solid and become encased in ice. This function could be used to freeze a door and make it impassable. It could also be used to freeze a tree solid and shatter it.

Drellis Effect Response

This sword will function normally in all stellar phases.



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