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Other Names The Morphing Blade
Category Weapon
Magical Strength Major

Physical Description

This magical blade’s true form is not known since it can alter its form and may appear as anything. However, it is always some type of bladed weapon.


This weapon was forged and enchanted sometime after the Great War. Who enchanted it or why is lost to history. It has surfaced from time to time to take part in legendary battles only to vanish later. It has changed wielders many times.


This weapon has one function and one function only - to alter its shape and design to the needs of its wielder. Entrari may magically altered its shape and design with unlimited variety. It may appear as any edged weapon, long or short, sharp or dull, steel or copper, thin and balanced or squat and fat, one edged or two edged, decorative or plain. It can form anything from a tiny bread and butter knife to a massive two handed sword and anything else in between. The wielder simply states aloud the name of the weapon he needs "Long sword" or may describe to the sword exactly what he or she wants it to be. Entrari can only formed bladed weapons where the blade is more than half of the total length of the weapon. It can not form such weapons as axes, arrows, spears and the like. It can only form swords, knives, daggers, dirks and other primarily blade weapons.

Drellis Effect Response

This weapon cannot alter shape during a Drellis dominant stellar phase and will be locked in its last shape for the duration of the phase.



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