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Borakan Spice Crystals

Common Name Spice Crystals
Alchemical Name Palantis
Color Pale yellow to amber
Transparency Semi-transparent (25%)
Self-Illuminating No
Frequency Very Rare (found only on island of Borakar)
Typical Value 1 sp per gram
Tolerance Yes

Borakan spice crystals are not true crystals, but rather an amber colored resin secreted by a type of moss that grows only in natural hot water springs found on the island of Borakar. Spice Crystals appear as amber colored translucent lumpy rocks found at the center of these shallow hot springs.

Borakan spice crystals are prized because of their potent narcotic effects on most living creatures. Spice crystals can be ground up into coarse amber colored granules. If this powder is consumed, it will cause a near catatonic state during which the user will experience an intense euphoria. Overproduction of saliva is a side effect hence users are often referred to as "drooling idiots". It is highly addictive and very powerful. After the euphoric catatonic state, the user will become highly agitated, emotional and/or aggressive. During this stage, the user is physically numb and feels virtually no pain.

Spice powder quickly oxidizes and loses its potency within 24 hours. Therefore, the crystals are always keep intact during transport and are only ground up immediately prior to usage.

Spice crystals are a common street drug in many nations and are a valuable commodity circulating through many underworld organizations. As with any valuable commodity, controlling and selling these crystals can be a very profitable business. However, the crystals are very difficult to obtain and, therefore, quiet expensive. Borakan spice crystals are only found in one place in the world... the island of Borakar, hence the name. Borakar is a very dangerous place, not only because of terrible beasts on the island, but also a native population of primitive tribes that kill any outsiders who set foot on the island. More than half of those who venture to Borakar in search of spice crystals never return.

Individual naturally occuring "crystals" vary between from the size of a small pea (single one-gram doze) to the size of a large chicken egg (equivalent to roughly 100 doses). The street price for such crystals varies from 5 silver pieces (for a single dose) to 50 gold pieces (for the larger crystals).

A few underworld groups in the south of Ithria, ranging from Drakkel to Ormek, import spice crystals and distribute them to the population. There are also rumors that organizations in Anquar and Padashan also have an appetite for the valuable crystals. Spice crystal addicts can become violent and agitated if they go too long without a dose. Because of this, most cities have declared the crystals illegal.

Note: The moss that secrets the resin will only grow on Borakar Island. A unique geology of that island has formed a network of natural hot springs suffused with a variety of metals and minerals. The moss is dependent upon the minerals in the hot springs and will die if removed.

Tolerance: It is possible to build up a tolerance to borakan spice crystals. As one becomes more addicted, larger quantities are required to get the same high. It is possible to overdose on spice crystals.


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